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Something that I posted over at Crazy Talk

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I usually have to take them every second day (I do not want to take them every day).  I have not noticed resistance building so far.

Would switching benzos on a regular basis help avoid getting "hooked"?

if every other day controls your symptoms, and your doctor is okay you taking your med this way, i'd say to stick with it. 

i take benzos 5/7 days a week and have not built a tolerance/ gotten "hooked"

i once was "hooked" on klonopin afer 2 months of daily use at a medium-high dosage, but i personally did not find doing a slow taper under doctor's supervision to be that difficult.

short answer, no, switching to a regular basis will increase your chances of getting "hooked" as your body will become dependant upon the med. 

but, remember, there is a difference between physical and mental dependance on a med.  i personally have never been mentally addicted to a benzo despite years of use (both daily and PRN (as needed))  as i have yet to become mentally addicted, tapering off when physically dependant under doctor supervision was not problematic.  for me.

i can not predict whether or not you will become mentally "hooked"

but, in terms of physically, the less often you take a med, the less likely your body is to become habituated to it.



when you say switching every month or so, what do you mean?  between benzos?  back and forth between benzos and APs?  if you mean swtiching from one benzo to another month to month, i doubt that will reduce toleracne issues as they all work in almost the same manner in your body.  this why people who have a hard time tapering off of xanax (which has a short half-life) can switch to valium (which you are on) and taper down using that, as valium has a much longer half life and so is easier to taper down off of. 

please feel free to ask for clarification on anything i've said above.

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