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    • By Queerky
      Maybe we can all share pictures of our special friends and their cute little quirks and how they help us in whatever way. I think this is good stuff and yeah. Even if don't have a pet, maybe a picture of a pet you would like and why?
      I'll start :3
      This is my male rat. I changed his name from Pink to Lucifer after my friend convinced me to name him after her. And I do think the name fits. 
      Here is a photo of him sitting pretty on my shoulder

      He's pretty lazy. Likes to sit and clean himself on my shoulder. And then have a nap in my hood. He came alone because he doesn't get along with other boys. He even bit my boyfriend hard enough to draw blood! I got him to replace my dog (can't have one in the apartment I was moved into). He makes me get out of bed to fill up his water and feed him and take him out. And when I feel all mixed up and weird all I do is take him and put him on my shoulder and he distracts me by being all cute and such. 
      Your turn now, guys :3 
    • By hannaostepop
      My mom's dog. 
    • By saintalto
      My husband had a bit of fun taking unflattering snapshots of our cat today...

      And Nancy as her usual self... 

    • By Co'crispy
      Cats are an obsessive creature of habit. Put your best cat pics!

    • By Seahorse
      My blog also serves as a diary now, so sometimes I will write about events that happened a long time ago, too.
      A hot bath (29-04-15)
      A. decided to not be inpatient anymore. It was quite a decision to make and they didn't like it in the clinic, but it was too negative for her and she didn't get the support she wanted. Originally we would go to a sauna that was close to the clinic, but since she was at home again, I just went to their place.
      We cuddled a lot and took a bath together. We engaged in deep conversations, which usually happens when we are together anyway, but especially when we take a bath. She said she wanted R. to be there too, so the three of us were in bath. It was very nice and cosy, and A. got a bit horny. We were suprised she did wanted to have sex, both R. and I did not expect that. R. and I took a shower together and things got really steamy... I was super aroused.
      We got in bed with eachother and had a nice time. I could not climax (damn you meds), which was pretty frustrating, but alright. It was a good time.
      In the morning I had to go to work again. It was lovely to see A.'s happy smile when I kissed her goodbye. It was pretty early so I had breakfast alone. I also took some pictures.
      The cats

      The view from the balcony.
      On television and pancakes (03-05-15/04-05-15)
      A. and R. live in a town/city that is famous for the television programs that are made there. We were in the audience that day of a new comedy show, hosted by a very attractive famous Dutch guy. We had so much fun! We were in two shows. In the last one, a girl started to yell ''take off your shirt!'' towards him, and he laughed and said no. The comedians totally went with it, though, and started to make jokes about it too...
      There was a lot of hit and miss, I think. I have seen the edited shows on television and they did a pretty good job of editing, haha. At the end of the second show, we took a picture with the host of the show. He was very tall, manly and muscular. A. said to him: ''So, are you going to take off your shirt?'' and he said: ''Haha, no.'' I said: ''No, you want money for that...'' meaning that he did some photoshoots before.
      When we walked away we laughed, thinking - wtf did we say to him?!
      When we got home after the second show we collapsed. We cuddled in bed for a bit and went to sleep.
      In the morning, A. wanted to do something fun. We decided to eat pancakes outside near the woods. I had a pancake with cheese and fresh bell peppers... it was delicious. R. even paid for our food
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