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What for what?

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I was starting to wonder recently I may have social anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder, bipolar, and obsessive compulsive disorder.  I wasn't sure which topic to post this message in because I've take SSRI's before and they have only given me more anxiety, but I am seriously thinking my other symptoms my be accurate.  Any feedback for which meds to take would be helpful and will be put on a website eventually.

Social phobia - ???

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - ???

Obesessive Compulsive Disorder - ???

No SSRI's though.  They don't interact with the bipolar well.

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Try these:



www. ADAA.org

Both deal with anxiety, remedy find will deal with meds and bipolar. Good luck


There are plenty of resources available online - just do a google search.

I'd suggest you start by doing a little reading but also by seeing your treating dr.  Its important to get any problems diagnosed by a professional rather than self diagnosing, which can be dangerous.

You can then discuss different forms of medical treatment if you do require it.

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