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I was diagnosed bipolar about 7 years ago around the same time as my first suicide attempt. Long story short - I rejected the diagnosis and eventually went off all meds because I thought my issues stemmed from the stress of nursing school. School over - no meds needed. 

About 3 years later, started seeing a new psychiatrist and taking antidepressants. I actually felt like I had my life back... 

Then, at some point recently, my son died. I had an affair. My husband and I had another  child. And then affair was discovered by my husband. The intense guilt and depression led me to try to kill myself, and I recently endured my first psychiatric hospitalization. 

Wellbutrin and buspar were once my miracle cocktail. I'm still on those, plus lamictal, plus latuda. Latuda is not helping me. It may have cleared my suicidal thinking, but over all... I feel lost, stuck, hopeless, and let down. I've reached out to my psychiatrist for help so many times, and I'm screwed over by the incompetent office staff each time. 

Can someone just tell me it gets better? Do I even deserve better after  what I've done? I'm paranoid and delusional. My intrusive thoughts seem worse each day. I want to believe it gets better. Ive dropped down to working part time and I'm seriously considering quitting. 

It used to be that I only felt competent at being a mother. But now I don't even feel I can do that right. 

I'm a mess.

Is there any hope? If a med didn't work for you, did you find a med that did help? I want to feel like myself again... I feel so let down that latuda isn't helping me. 

Thanks for listening...

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First off, I'm very sorry to hear what you've been through. Sounds like enough for anyone to feel severely depressed simply due to situational factors. Do you see a therapist?

I think seeing a therapist + meds are more helpful than one or the other. Meds are a rollercoaster...some are helpful for a few symptoms and some not so much. I think they have helped me reach greater stability, but there are a few symptoms that have not completely gone away. It sounds like Latuda is not doing the trick? There are other meds in that class  that may be more helpful. Hang in there and keep us posted.

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I'm very sorry too to hear of your immense struggles. Yes, you do deserve better, and I hate to say, it might take several trial and errors to find the right combo. It can happen, tho. 

As BB mentioned, therapy is an important piece of the puzzle too. I hope you can find a good therapist.


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13 hours ago, standingnsunshine said:

Can someone just tell me it gets better?

Do I even deserve better after  what I've done? 

Is there any hope?

If a med didn't work for you, did you find a med that did help?

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.  Sometimes it gets better.

What did you do that was so horrible?

There is always hope.

I have been through so many meds its not even funny.  Eventually you find one that works or a combination that works.

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Thanks for your replies... I do see a therapist. I have tried to make weekly appointments since the suicide attempt but she only has so much availability. And the holidays have her especially busy. I see her this week but I feel like it's too long to wait. 

I guess I've just been lucky in the past that it hasn't taken much trial and error to find something that works. And before I was discharged from the hospital I really did feel much better. Then as soon as I got back into the real world, I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach like I hadn't made any progress.

Oh well... One day at a time, I guess. 

Thank you. It has helped just to read that it might get better, even if it gets worse before it gets better. It helps to hear it from people who know... As apposed to my husband who is just saying something positive but really doesn't understand what this is like. 

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I've been looking for you. Someone whose life runs near parallel to mine. Oh if in so many ways. Please don't give up. I'm still waiting for it to get "BETTER", persay but it can't get any worse. Welbutrin and Buspar are my saviors as well and the added abilify, at times klonopin but currently temazepam to sleep. I've been through the marriage, the behind the back, the divorce, the child that i am just now, 16 years later revealing to his actual father. I don't work but am struggling to go to school and at times just want to throw it all down the drain. I've been to the counselors the psychiatrists the groups. I've been on all the meds, I've been 75 pounds no appetite, poor health, my life in disarray. I know what you are going through all but the loss of a child. I can't possibly imagine that. I have 4. We all deserve good in life, we are only human and we make mistakes. We live and learn from those mistakes and would not be who we are without them. Keep fighting your fight, don't give up. The meds are there to assist but we have to want for ourselves and for those we love and who love us. I hope that you get my message and that you are doing well. I would love to hear from you and know how you are. Best wishes on your journey. I am right there beside you fighting just as hard. ??

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      This is a long shot, but I figure I can't be the only one who has ever had this thought. Is there a way to induce a state that includes the productivity/happiness of mania - without all the extra bullshit? 😅
      Mania is better than any drug, the euphoria is incomparable. Every time I skip a few days of sleep, feel an increase in energy, or anything that might be the beginning of an episode, I think - ''Please let this be the onset of the best feeling in the world. I can't do this shit anymore''. I feel so guilty admitting to that, because I know that being manic and being functional are generally not compatible. I also don't ever want to end up in hospital again, because that never fails to be a de-humanizing experience.
      I have not had any symptoms of mania since my last hospital admission, three whole years ago. It was the first and only manic episode that I've ever had, and it lasted for about three months. I feel like I could have avoided hospital completely if I had experienced mania without the accompanying psychosis. If I could just achieve that level of elation without:
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      Hi, all. I feel like a newb oldie: been on here a while, still feel dumb as shit with all the o chem breakdowns and acronyms.
      Anyway- I've been maxed out on effexor xr for years now. I've taken it pretty consistently for...12 years? with a few breaks to try something new. There aren't many details I can remember well (always had a bad memory, now it's basically a vestigial feature), but here's what I've garnered: 
      *SSRIs and i seem to not mix. Not just some side effects, but all the side effects, and no or negative improvement.
      *wellbutrin did nothing for me. Not good, not bad- just nothing. 
      *Effexor was good- great, even- before I tapped out. I've just been staying with it till I can figure something out.
      *currently, I take 225 mg Effexor (and several doctors have told me now that they flat out won't go above that), 150 lamictal, and klonopin and Ambien as needed. (And as I've been mightily depressed lately...I've been "as needing" them a lot more.)
      I've been wanting to change for a while now, and I've been studying up to see what might be some better options, but haven't had a tdoc or pdoc in the meantime. I'm meeting new ones shortly and I want to take some suggestions to them. Problem is that I'm allergic to a few things, with varying degrees of severity and type of allergic reactions. Any suggestions of SNRIs, TCAs, or MAOIs that aren't: 
      *sulfa-meds (full body hives. Like...full body- between my toes, in my buttcrack...😬)
      *compazine (difficult breathing, light anaphylaxis.)
      *darvocet, Vicodin (full-blown anaphylaxis.)
      I have been given morphine with no reaction (so, what- does this mean that synethics cause issues, but cleaner natural versions don't?), and take imitrex regularly. I'm not smart enough to understand all of the individual components, and too ADD to have the patience to learn which causes what.
      I feel like it's got be something pretty potent, since I've been middling- to severely-depressed pretty constantly (easily 8 out those 12 years), but I also don't need anything that's going to make me lethargic. Apathetic, fine- just please, no serious drowsiness.  
      I defer to you guys and gals and pals for what your thoughts are on what might be most effective, but also won't send me to the ER.
    • By Adolf
      "Best" as in being effective with fewer side effects. Which ones were the best for you? Which ones did you take? What condition(s) did you treat? What side effects did you get? How did the antipsychotics compare to "conventional" antidepressants?
      Can antipsychotics be an alternative to "conventional" antidepressants? What are the risks? What are the benefits? Do they make you a tomato with time? Psychiatrists prescribe them more often in recent times, it seems.
    • By bpjett
      Doctor has me on
      200mg Lamictal [100mg bid]
      750 mg Depakote [250mg tid] 
      When I when to the pharmacy, they said there was a RED ALERT. I know that Depakote decreases the clearance of Lamictal, my question is by how much? Anyone know? Does the dosage of Depakote matter? Like if I went to 1000mg of Depakote would that increase my Lamictal level even more?
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