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Stressed about Disabilty

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Although I am sloooowly recovering from major depressive episode followed by 2 hospital stays due to overdoses, my government sickness benefit is running out. They only grant you 15 weeks, after that they want you to apply for welfare. Anyways I am somewhat lucky as my place of work has disabilty insurance available after 17 weeks of absence. However to apply for this disability there is a 8 page application for me and a six page one for my Pdoc. Man, the questions on my form are quite cryptic and I am scared some of them are designed to fuck your claim up and give the insurance carrier ammunition to deny you. An example: What daily activities in your home are you unable to perform? I mean I shower, brush teeth, wipe own butt, comb hair, have sex,  I mean I'm mentally depressed, I can cook and feed myself. There isnt really anything physically I cant do. I may lay around in bed some days I dont know. Anyway, should I try and fudge  ;)   my answers a bit, Make things appear worse than they are throw in some hallucinations, voices in my head?  or be as honest as whatever. Has anybody else had expeirience filling these things out. If I was off due to surgery or shoulder replacement it would be easy. Describing a physciatric condition is  kind of grey area in terminology I think, and I'm  getting super stressed and hitting my Klonopin bottle more and more over this.  Thankx

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