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Boredom cures, FB fasting, random musings, etc.

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Bored and tired...Sometimes I want to stay up instead of going to bed. However, if I stay up late, I will just go on FB and scroll through my feed furiously past everyone's baby/family/xmas holiday/vacation photos/political rants (which I know will make me feel very depressed). Then once I scroll past through people's posts, I move on to speed reading random articles (often self-improvement/health articles) I make a mental note of self-help tips or whatever that I will just forget 2 minutes later. OR I will continue to Save a bunch of "read for later" articles that I never end up going back to.

My point is, social media is just a mindless, never-ending, passive distraction to escape boredom. I get sucked in primarily in the evenings, and always end up feeling like I've wasted hours of time when I could be doing something more useful/interesting/creative - but then I have no inspiration or energy to do anything "useful" in the late evenings (other than be online or watching netflix). I really need a creative hobby that I will stick with...yet nothing too difficult or consuming. Some things I've tried: knitting (fail), adult coloring books (doesn't sustain interest), reading (can't engage in books these days, my mind just wanders), listening to music (too passive), journaling (makes me too self-absorbed), studying a language (feels like a chore/work), stretching/yoga (OK for 30 minutes but not more), meditation (makes me fall asleep)....

Anyone have any ideas? What enjoyable thing do you often do in evenings after dinner (other than watching tv, social media, chores, etc.)??

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Oh I wish I knew the answer or how to solve this problem because I have the same issue. I have hobbies but nothing can get me to do them after dinner. I turn into a giant blob. I go online and that's about it. I don't do TV really. No focus for that. So I lay around doing nothing and I feel depressed about it. I wish I could be productive so badly.

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What about listening to podcasts? I find them more engaging than music and there are so many different ones that you could find something to match your interests. Right now I listen to NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Two Dope Queens, and The Hilarious World of Depression.

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      Is there anything else that helps you? I was already outside for several hours in the cold and do not want to go back out for a walk. Most enjoyable-sounding activity sounds like a nap, but then I will not be able to sleep later tonight! Sorry if this is a useless lame post. I'm trying to kill some time this afternoon and interaction is always good when there is no one around. No one to call at the moment either.
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      Unfortunately I could feel it coming; I'd spent my whole day building up to it, waiting for it, until seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seem like hours. I find that if I isolate an event that is set to occur at the end of the day my normal routine is shelved in order to give that event special attention. It's something I have to work on, I suppose.

      Looking at the positive side of things, I managed to do a little bit of study today. My attention span is well below average (partly but not entirely attributable to the meds) but luckily I have a reasonably sharp memory. Also, following up on yesterday, I feel as if I'm really starting to sort my shit out with my responsibilities around the house. With any luck, it will last.

      Tomorrow's a new day: I'm going out with my good friends tomorrow night so that will be a little more comfortable. I'm reasonably confident that I'll last through that one okay. Plan for tonight is to do some relaxation and journalling, then head off to bed.
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