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I have never taken this, but it's apparently referred to as velvet bean and other things.  I may try it soon, as for New Years eve and New Year's I'm taking a bit of time off from my work, may even take another day off as a much deserved break (I'm self employed and can set my own schedule).  Apparently, it contains small amounts of NN DMT..... yes that DMT, as in the most powerful hallucinogen on Earth DMT.  But in tiny amounts along with L-dopa, 5-HTP, and 5-HMO-DMT (can't spell it right, but some sort of hallucinogenic compound that is found in psiolcybin mushrooms).  However, the doses of both are very small.  It also has some other things in it that haven't been particularly well-studied.

During the next few days since I'm not going to be working much, I'm not going to be taking my adderall (as I'm not working and thus don't need it, also good to take time off of it due to tolerance and all) so I'm thinking of trying this stuff.  I have been reading some interesting reports about it on some internet sites.  Apparently, despite containing these ultra low doses of these hallucinogens, it is legal OTC as a supplement. 

The experiences people have had seemed similar to extremely low, almost imperceptible doses of hallucinogenics (which I personally use occasionally in widely varying dosages, not that I encourage the use of these substances in any way nor am I saying that use of such substances is considered to be safe outside of a medically supervised environment).  Given these reports, I am really quite intrigued by this herb and may try it.  People also said that it was good for focus and gave a mood lift.  In addition, some said that they felt more intuitive and insightful after taking the products.

The downsides people commented on were inability to sleep and other side effects which were generally minor.  Since this is a mental health forum, I would say that since the products do contain small amounts of classical psychedelics, it could likely be a bad idea for anyone with a predisposition to serious psychiatric disorders to take it.  As these compounds are known to exacerbate latent and existing psychosis, mania, and other serious psychiatric disorders.  So, in no way am I saying go try it, just that it really interests me and I am likely to be ingesting this plant in the near future.  If anyone else has taken this, I would be very, very interested to hear of your experiences.  Because it sounds like something that I would very much enjoy and may genuinely be beneficial for me.

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