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Is anyone interested in the Andrea Yates case?

Guest Mellow Yellow

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Guest Mellow Yellow

A whole lot is going on in that case right now, with the trial coming up and the DA using all kinds of underhanded tricks to punish Andrea even more. If you have ever been psychotic, then you probably have some compassion for her. We have a discussion group with some very knowledgeable people in it here:


Although, it helps if you read the book first that won an Edgar Allen Poe Award called "Are You There Alone?" by Suzanne O'Malley. The info is on our site. I hope I posted this in the right place. Only someone who has been psychotic before can understand this case very well, in my opinion.

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I think she is very mentally ill.

However, I just saw Geraldo and Bill O'Reilly talking about the fact that one of her cellmates was claiming that she told them how to act "crazy". To this, I say:



No way! Geraldo's a fine journalist. ;)

I actually don't doubt the DA will convince one of her cellmates to do this.

In some places they actually offer people a chance to be paired up with higher profile cases they want to ram through the court as a cellmate. In return for their lighter sentence, they say what the DA/cops want to hear.

Frankly I'd love to see the judge say something like 'The DA is correct. She obviously had no mental illness. She probably just did it out of boredom. It was raining that day, and she couldn't go outside. What the *fuck* is wrong with you people?'

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Yes I am very interested. and my mother and I discussed andrea this evening.

I have never borne a live child. But what will happen if I do - someday??? I would sure hope I have a husband who would support me 110%. and of course that we would have talked all this out beforehand.

I feel so much for andrea.

unfortunately some people refuse to belive that "mental illness" exists. as, i was told by my 18 yo brother that I am "faking it." Im 31. pdoc has me at bp2. who is right? uh, i'll agree with my pdoc thank you very much!!


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