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please share your ADHD experiences?

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hello all,

i'm having a lot of trouble with some inattention/hyperactivity and i've been seeing psychiatrists for 16 years+ now but only recently my pdoc started suggesting i have some ADHD symptoms and i was wondering if those of you who have ADHD for sure and have been aware of it for a long time validate some symptoms for me? like do you experience the same kinds of things?

- inability to sit in lectures for longer than 10 minutes, feeling like need to move and feeling like "being on fire" and needing to leave?
- inability to read for longer than 10-15 minutes, lose thread of thought, feeling almost like emotional pain because can't go on with reading?
- same for everything that requires concentration for longer than 15 minutes?
- at work doing 1000 things at the same time (write 3 words in an email, then go back to the Word document, then adjust music volume, go back write another 5 words in the email, check another email, forget to add attachments etc etc)
- panic while watching movies bc losing track of what's going on have to take a break?

the problem is i also have borderline and boredom is a huge thing for me, and i can't escape boredom but is it bc i can't pay attention? or just.. what? WHAT'S GOING ON I'M SO CONFUSED?? could i really have had ADHD for years and decades and never realized it until now that i've stabilized my bipolar on meds? is that a thing? pls help guys thanks i'm not a freak right.

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What do you mean "not realized it"? Have you just now started experiencing these symptoms or are you just now aware that they have always been there?

I'm ADHD-Inattentive type so I don't have a lot of advice for the hyperactive part but yes I absolutely suffer from some of what you do. I used to absolutely love to read. I could sit and read a book for an hour easily, sometimes for the whole day. But starting around 2 years ago I started to lose that ability; all the way to the point where I couldn't read two paragraphs without forgetting what I had just read or, if I am able to sit and read for 30 minutes, I'll realize two chapters later that I haven't actually been retaining the info because my mind was off somewhere else without me even noticing. It's led to me just not reading or watching movies/new shows. Before I went to my psych it got to the point where I couldn't even play my favorite video games anymore because my mind would be all over the place and I'd have no idea what I was doing halfway thru the match. 

You're not alone my friend. I hope the Concerta is helping!

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I have had ADHD ever since i can remember 

I am ALYWAYS moving even if i look still im wriggling my toes or mving my tongue 

I cant listen very well

I forget things easily 

I am depressed/anxious but when i wasnt i was very hyper literally climbing on the walls and even now i can have those moments

I find it hard to concentrate 

I am always thinking my mind is going 24/7

I have been on tablets for years however and it does help me i know ive been off them for times but i honestly cant remeber a time i havent taken medications for it i take hte concerta 36mg i think thats hte right unit of measure not sure but i cant still have hte above symptoms, ADHD can be hard to spot sometimes some facts about it too females tend to be less hyper but harder to concerntrate while males are more hyper (not a sexist thing just something that tends to be more present in the specfic genders) however can easily be both ways trust me the tblets work and if htey arent you may need a higher dosage hope this helps

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I usually have 5 or 6 books on the go at a time, read a page or two of one, swap to another. This is with non-fiction, normally I just have one fiction. Before goodreads I found it really hard to finish a book, but now I like adding them to the list, I get a real kick out of it, so I can finish books :)

I interrupt people and finish their sentences and can't stop myself jumping in to other people's conversations sometimes when they are interesting or WRONG about something.. like the lady who I heard utter the words "It's the smart version of Autisim" ... WHAT

My moods tend to change at the drop of a hat.. very low emotional inertia you could say. They also tend to be really extreme, according to my BF.. I thought this was normal, he said he never saw anyone cry like me in his life and he's nearly 40. I cry like actresses on TV cry when they find out their children are gone.

I can be really irritable

Every flatmate I ever had had to sit me down and talk to me about leaving the oven on or the hobs on or the gas on. It never did any good.

I can have an irritated tone of voice because it seems urgent to get the information out quickly, and I upset people :(

I often zone out while people are speaking, even when I am interested or it's important or both

I sometimes lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence

I leave my keys in the front door for anyone to just walk in

I leave the back door wide open

I boil the kettle to do the wash up, start doing the washing up.. start doing something else.. water is cold by the time I get back to the wash up, if i get back to it

I tend to half do a household chore and then this feeling starts, I call it the buzzing, I get it when I write as well (I've dyxlexia) it's like a restless feeling but i know restlessness it's not restlessness.. I feel like if I keep doing it my head will start bleeding so I move onto another one... I tell myself Ill do the other half the next day but I never do usually

My autopilot is unreliable and will do strange things or break down completely if interrupted

I can NOT concentrate on the road when I'm cycling (this is why I refuse to learn to drive a one tonne weapon of mass destruction called a "car")

I won't watch a movie in one sitting unless I have to.

I am completely addicted to my phone and can not seem to control this, furthermore I knew it would happen so I waited ages before getting a smart phone.

If I listen to audiobooks or online talks etc. I need them to be sped up or I can't concentrate

Yeah I get depressed and have had delusions during depression in the past

I can't tell what order things happened in when I remember them, I have trouble gageing how much time has passed

I have almost no working memory so I am bad at tasks that require that. So for example in school I was ok at algebra and linear programming because you could see it so you didn't have to hold anything in working memory, I could do maths where every step was pretty stand alone and didn't require you to remember anything about the previous step, but once it did, I was lost. This meant I couldn't do certain things that were supposed to be "easy" and I could do certain things that were supposed to be "hard"

I always score really low in IQ tests because I'm 1/3 of the way through when time is up, like so low that if that was my actual intelligence I couldn't live on my own.

If I am concentrating on something and someone interrupts me I feel really disconcerted and sometimes really angry, like it's star trek and I just got teleported to an alien ship against my will with no warning.

I haven't got a dx because my country is really backwards in terms of that, I'm an adult but they want to interview my parents and see all my old school reports from 25 years ago.

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    • By mikl_pls
      I have ADHD primarily inattentive, and until recently it was pretty much decently controlled. However, in the last 4-6 months, I have been suffering greatly from the inattentive symptoms so much so that they are practically debilitating. Also, my motivation to do anything, recreational or not, has just gone completely out the window. My room has been an absolute mess—an embarrassingly barely traversable sea of clothes and trash that I just cannot bring myself to pick one single thing up. I'm sure depression is a factor, but just... FUCK! I ran off the road the other day because I was flapping my gums talking to my friend and not paying attention to the road. I got a flat tire on my brand new set of 4 tires and bent the fucking rim of the wheel! That's going to cost a lot to fix... Going to have to probably leave my car at the dealership while they order the part to replace it with...
      My pdoc just simply doesn't prescribe me stims anymore. Won't get into that. We got into an argument and now she's all vindictive about it. She barely prescribed 10 mg Adderall before that anyway as the death of her husband left her very conservative with prescribing, especially stims.
      So my gdoc does my stims. He didn't know what to do. I asked about adding a little oral selegiline (Eldepryl) for the levoamphetamine metabolites (more noradrenergic = better for inattention) + MAO-B inhibition for more dopamine (better for motivation symptoms), but he said "that sent shivers down [his] spine just thinking about prescribing that" and preferred to stay away from it. So I asked about protriptyline (Vivactil), which I've taken before with some success, and he agreed. Problem is, it's so uncommon and hard to find that I'm going to have to use a mail-order pharmacy to get it, very likely.
      Any self-proclaimed ADHD experts out there? Should I be searching for a second pdoc to see specifically for my ADHD? Someone who will go above the 60 mg max of Dexedrine for my ADHD? A second amphetamine stimulant? (Adding methylphenidate to amphetamine will cancel each others' mechanisms of action out...) I have tried all the amphetamine stimulants and so far Dexedrine is the most potent, even more potent than Desoxyn (methamphetamine), which I hated... I don't want to go back to Adderall because of the shortage... Evekeo my insurance doesn't pay for, but would actually probably be best for me because of my inattentive symptoms. (shrugs)
      Anyone have any ideas on other augmenting options? Add something like phentermine? I don't think protriptyline (an NRI) is going to cut it. Atomoxetine 80 mg hasn't, desipramine 200 mg hasn't, and nortriptyline 150 mg hasn't either. I've tried amoxapine up to 150 mg I think, but it doesn't feel too potent, and has dopamine blocking, and maprotiline I'm afraid of the seizures and the sedation/weight gain...
      Kinda thinking about giving an MAOI another try, but my pdoc is so so so stingy with those...
    • By Skeletor
      As far as I am informed you need stimulants for treatment of ADHD. Most commonly used are Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine. Sometimes stuff like Bupropion is applied. But what about classic antidepressants with stimulant (NRI) properties? Let's say Desipramine or Nortriptyline, Reboxetine!? Can they help to some degree?
    • By candi71
      I am so very lost, angry, hurt, depressed, explosive, and drowning.  I was put on latuda or my bipolar and depression acting up...  I hate new meds for this reason.  I started having my ptsd dreams again, ate everything in site and craved sugar omg terribly,  have been depressed, cant color which i love to do, just wanna sleep, explosive anger, crying jags, hate life, nothing makes me happy, everything just sucks.  Im so angry cause i feel like i did before i went on any meds, 20yr ago.  
      Im so confused i just feel like im grasping at air.. I was in the er the other night and they basically sent me home after giving my dose of larzapam i didn't take in the afternoon cause i doesn't help.  My theory of   it is it didn't help before the latuda what is gonna make it work coming off latuda or after off.. I remember why i drank now.. I didn't need to feel this then.. I want to drink so bad and wont cause I've been clean 6 yrs April will  be 7 and i worked to hard to get here and refuse to prove others right.  Im so so messed up i cant sleep cant watch TV cant color yet dont want to do any of the above either but if i dont sleep i hurt... has anyone felt this way..  It sux cause the battle to find meds to work will start tomorrow cause my liver doesn't process meds it flushes them out.. oh well sorry just needed to vent and hope someone can help
    • By lunafox
      Hello all, I'm looking for some med experience/anecdotes!
      I am bipolar and also have anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. Currently I'm taking Lamictal (400mg/day), Geodon (80mg/day), and Adderall (25mg/day). I'm looking to change it up because I am seriously struggling with the side effects. Since starting Geodon I am tired all the time (it doesn't help that I'm in the midst of a depressive episode) and I've gained 20+ pounds in two months. I think it's helping with the manic side (or maybe that's just because of the depressive episode I'm in?) but I can't deal with these side effects. The Adderall works great for my ADHD but I think it's making me too edgy/irritable for my liking. On top of it I have been having terrible anxiety lately.
      I'm meeting with a new PMHNP next week and I like to research my med options ahead of time so that I feel more informed and can advocate for myself. I'm interested in Wellbutrin because it doesn't have weight gain associated with it, it helps with binge eating and supposedly helps you quit smoking (both current concerns of mine), and can work for both depression and ADHD. I'm also interested in Buspar as a possible anxiety med? I like that it also isn't associated with weight gain and that it isn't supposed to be sedating.

      I've also taken Abilify in the past (before I took Geodon) and didn't experience any terrible side effects other than it making me sleepy but maybe combined with the right thing that wouldn't be as much of an issue?
      Anyone have experience with this combo or a similar one? Any and all feedback appreciated! The med game is so overwhelming.
    • By bizygal
      Hello everyone, I am female age 49, have been on Adderall for ADD 3+ years.  Starting at 5mg tabs twice daily and now at 10mg tabs twice daily.  Adderall has changed my world, the focus is incredible and it really helped with work as a magazine publisher.  I can no longer do my job because of severe arthritic symptoms.
      *I had a conversation with a college professor in the pediatric medical field, he stated that new evidence shows that Adderall can cause debilitating joint/muscle pain and damage, weakness, and maybe permanent damage in some patients.  Apparently, new study information was published in 2018 stating joint/muscle injuries and pain in children taking Adderall.  Can anyone help me find the study? 
      I want to know about your adult experience.  Is this happening to anyone else taking Adderall?
      My question is...  Should the company that makes Adderall be warning doctors 'not' to prescribe to people with pre-existing conditions???  Does anyone else out there have symptoms like I do???  Anyone else out there have arthritis before taking Adderall and have arthritic symptoms quickly become debilitating???
      My Symptoms:  Within the past two years, my arthritis symptoms have quickly changed from mild to severe and debilitating, to the point where twisting the cap to open a bottled water is unbearable.  Holding a fork while eating dinner is painful.  I fight through the pain while tying shoes, doing dishes, standing for more than 5 minutes etc...  Every joint is affected, shoulders are the newest pain that began about 9 months ago and now shoulders are so bad I need assistance putting on my winter coat.  If I must be active, for example vacuuming, doing dishes, wrapping presents and walking through the mall for 2 hours, all in the same day, the following 1-2 days I suffer with double the pain/inflamation and fatigue!  My hands, feet, hips, shoulders, neck/back and arms hurt, I drop and break baking dishes by accident because it is painful to grasp.  These are just a few examples of the issues.
      My History:  I was born with 'Stickler Syndrome', a genetic connective tissue disorder which causes early arthritis.  At age 32 I started feeling stiff, at 35 I started taking celebrex, and still take it.  At 47 and 48, I was doing great, walking 12 miles over 3 days on a trip to New York City.  Stiff yes, but not much pain.  This year my body has changed to that of a 105 year old or worse.
      An arthritis specialist did a battery of tests for all the common causes, rheumatoid, lupis, lyme and others.  All tests negative.  X-Rays show osteoarthritis in all joints.
      Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this!
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