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Peace of mind in need of insight

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Ok so I?m a first time poster and not a drug user however I need peace of mind. I am prescribed .5 clonazapam TGIF anxiety. Now I?m very careful with these and Don?t drink on them or go over my prescribed Dose but Here?s my story 
Friday I go and get my prescription from Walgreens and look at the bottle. I think to myself that it kind of looks short. I get prescribed 30 at a time. I struggled it off bc I was busy and forgot about it. Saturday night I went out with friends and drank a lot. I remember the night and especially all the significant parts of the night. We came home at 1:30 and my fianc? says that I went to the pill bottle, opener it and looked in it. He walked away and didn?t know anymore about it. We actively stayed up till 3:30 and I also remember all of this. The next day I was up at 9 took care of house responsibilities but being hungover and tired I took a longer nap. This comes to Tuesday and I look in my pill bottle to find that their are 14 pills missing. My anxiety went straight to ?omg did I take 14 pills Saturday?? Now people who uses these frequently, you would think I?d be really fucked up if I took 14 pills while drinking and probably until the next day??? Right??? I feel like I would have been throwing up, sick, and slept all day without waking up, or dead. I have really bad anxiety so I need peace of mind to confirm that there?s no way I took that many without knowing. Is Walgreens notorious for shorting controlled substances? Please give me some insight
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