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Returning to Sertraline, anxiety has skyrocketed

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Hi everyone,

Just joined this forum, but I used to be a member of the old crazymeds site, which I found very helpful. 

I am a 44 year old male, and have been on a combo of Sertraline and Wellbutrin for close to five years now after a severe nervous breakdown. 

I recently decided to try weaning myself off the medication, mostly because I have never found my ability to concentrate has been quite as good since I went on the medication. What a mistake. I experienced crushing depression once I completely stopped, and went back on just the Wellbutrin to see if it would improve. It didn't, so I restarted my 100mg of Sertraline. 

I have just now taken my twelfth daily dose and since about day four, I have had TERRIBLE anxiety. I feel like there is a lump of lead in my gut, I'm sweating, I have tremors, my mind is racing -- I'm in a pretty bad way. 

I've booked an appointment at a psychiatrist but the first available slot is a week from today. I feel absolutely terrible. 

I'm posting here for two reasons: the first is to know if anyone else has experienced such severe anxiety with the commencement of Sertraline, and the second is just for some support. I feel very alone. My wife doesn't understand mental illness and my anxiety just seems to anger her, so I have to try and conceal it. I could really use some understanding just now. 

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time. 

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18 hours ago, Iceberg said:

You might have need to re-titrate it depending on how long u were off it cuz 100 isn't a starting dose


15 hours ago, Juniper29 said:

I had panic attacks on high doses of Zoloft. Agree that you should talk to your pdoc about starting with a low dose and increasing gradually. Also did you wean off of the meds gradually? Because if not, yeah that would cause depression.

I agree with all of this. I know this input isn't helpful, but I'm just seconding these inputs for whatever it's worth.

Depending on how long you've been off the SSRI Zoloft and the NDRI Wellbutrin, like if you've been off of them for a while, would mean that you would have to start with a starting dose of both, like 25-50 mg Zoloft and 150 mg Wellbutrin SR/XL, for example.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I can't get to see my pdoc for another six days and I'm climbing the walls. Just having your replies helps me, to be honest. 

I've cut back to 50mg of Sertraline based on the consensus given here. Anyone have any experience with adjusting doses this way?

Thank you. 

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