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Xanax taper withdrawal symptoms

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 Good morning all ,

I am happy to say that I am tapering down from taking Xanax .25 mg 3 times a day I was on the medication now for about 18 to 19 months January 1 was the start of my taper from .25 Xanax at my midday dose 2:30 pm , I know it sounds very slow but I took the .25 mg and cut it into four pieces and slowly took one piece away every 7-10 days .. about 2 weeks ago  I totally eliminated that afternoon dose thinking in my mind this is a low-dose that I’ve been on emotionally I felt fine so I much rather would be sick then have the emotional bout of pain ,  however my stomach is a mess it intermittently comes and goes and of course I’m off to the bathroom , the headaches have stopped which is a plus ,

I have not started my next taper ,  because I’m hoping for the symptoms to go away give myself some more time so I don’t have to feel so sick  I do feel a bit fatigued and sad to say of course there was some family drama this week which probably didn’t add any good to how I was feeling, I guess what I’m asking is for any suggestions or if anyone has any idea how long this possibly cut last..

 It really does amaze me that something Like .25 mg of Xanax could cause so much pain and anxiety and overall feeling of sick I’m glad I’m in a better place emotionally or I wouldn’t be able to handle it and I do feeling pretty strong however this really is a kick in the stomach literally  I do not want to go back and take more I can’t say I haven’t thought about it ???..  it definitely will be the easy way out but only would postpone the ability to move forward, I truly do appreciate Benzos ,  because I have suffered with anxiety since childhood however Therapy has helped me ..  please if anyone has any suggestions or would like to share their experience with me it would encourage me to be able to keep moving forward .. 

Kind Regards, 


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