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Bipolar T-Shirt

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I don't know if anyone would be interested in this or not...

I was messing around with MSPaint and came up with an image that best describes my life as someone who is bipolar.  I thought it would also make for a good t-shirt as a means of spreading awareness about the disorder in a light-hearted manner.

Just in case anyone else is interested, I created a CafePress account.  Here is the link and image:



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funny that...i'm medicated and the world is still totally annoying...i know now that it isn't me! i always thought it was! i also have a "cute but psycho" shirt. nami's stigma busting group complained to the maker and had them stop making it, because they considered it to be negative towards crazy people. i personally t hink it is funny. if we can't laugh at ourselves then why laugh at all?!

btw- i like your t-shirt design. but for me, depression and mania are less interchangeable and run more in a mixed way. i like my avatar to describe how i feel ;)

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Used to be people took LSD to make the world weird.

Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

That's from some junky email the other day.

I think BP is such a catch-all dx that we probably could each of us have our own graphic!


In the emerg, like 2am (every damn thing is at 2am in the emerg) there's a guy who got hauled in when a well-meaning neighbour called 911.  Fell down or something.

We go to do his history and physical.

My resident (I was a lowly junior at the time) rolls his eyes, sighs, and starts his monotone delivery of the "If your heart was to stop, would you want ..."

Old guy stops him with a wave.

"I am going to get a Tshirt that says D.N.R. right across my chest!!!"

(DNR is Do Not Resuscitate)

Of course I, as the family practice resident, have by this point dealt with a fair number of patients who have made it crystal clear that they just want to be left alone, or with family, dammit, and no heroic measures crap. 

I can tell he's had this conversation a hundred times by now, mostly with heroic doctors and a daughter or two.  And, he's comletely lucid and competent.

Old guy and I are laughing now.

I say, "Yah, but they rip your shirt off as soon as you get here, look, you're in a gown."

Old guy thinks for a second, frowns, then brightens right up and with a big toothless grin:  "Hey, I could get it as a tattoo!!"

My resident is scandalized.  But the nurses get it too (Nurses are generally very good judges of character.).  Now like ten people are laughing along with old guy, who goes home a couple hours later, patched up, having had a fun visit to the emerg.

And maybe on his way to the tattoo parlour.  Wonder what his daughters think.

It's like this BP Tshirts, wackos unite, stuff we do here.

So, not really off-topic.

Whistling in the graveyard?


Keep laughing.


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I've looked at a lot of bipolar shirts on the Internet, and yours is very colorful and original. I will be keeping an eye out for it when I get a T-shirt. Hard to think of getting one here when it is 15 degrees. Great work!

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I like the one with the two polar bears, and the one with the list of famous people with BP. Many of the one-liners are cool too - "I'm medicated, and you're still annoying" ;)


I was wondering what was up with the bears until you mentioned they were POLAR bears.  Duh.

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