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Taper off Xanax or taper down Effexor first? and how?

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Hey party people,

I'm currently at:

Effexor 300

gabepentin 300

xanax XR .5 (JUST moved down from 1mg earlier this week) 

plus propoananol, PPI, klonopin PRN, ativan for flying (which i rarely do but will be doing soon), synthroid and various other things PRN but mostly OTC

i'm trying to get down on the number/dosages of meds bc i think some of what i experience--GI stuff, memory stuff, blah blah--is side effects, and i just got diagnosed iwith prediabetes so we may be adding other stuff to treat that and/or binge eating.  also, my primary issue is BPD, which meds dont treat, though I definitely experience significant anxiety and depression. I got off wellbutrin recently and also went down from 1 mg to .5 of Xanax XR for sleep. I'd like to get to effexor 150 and no xanax except PRN. The main reason for going down on Effexor is that it can cause vivid dreams and they are driving me BANANAS. so the question is, which to tackle first? 

I'd been taking my gabepentin in the morning but am going to switch it to the evening so that maybe that will help with eventually going off the xanax. my thought with the effexor was to just drop down to 150 from 300, but should I start with 150 every other day for 2 weeks and then 150 daily? with xanax i am thinking of doing .5/.25 alternating nights for a week, then a week of .25, then off. 


advice about how to taper down and which to try first? biggest issue right now is probably anxiety. i dont have a ton of trouble falling asleep--it always feels like i do, but i'm usually asleep within 30-40 minutes at the most, though i sleep kind of restlessly--but a lot of that is the dreams. 


thanks so much for any help! 

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