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Any good self help methods?

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I see. I'm sorry you're going through that, it must be very difficult. I hope that your parents will come around soon. 

It's always good to know these things, but especially while you're going without medication, it will be really important for you to develop skills to cope with stress and mood disturbances. If you have access to a counselor at school, you should go and see if they can offer you resources. Therapy can help. If you can't get access to a therapist, I would recommend that you look to find a support group in your area. If that is also our of your reach, you can order workbooks online. It's not a replacement for therapy, but some of those books can teach you valuable skills and give you information about how to help manage symptoms.

Another thing to do is to try and focus on 'the basics,' such as keeping up with good nutrition, regular sleep habits and exercise. These things might be difficult to maintain when you're not doing well, but they really can help contribute to a sense of stability. It's also really good to have a solid routine so that you can more easily recognize if something is off.

I hope that maybe some of that is helpful to you. 


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If you can manage the logistics (money, getting to & from appointments, finding a provider), look into what age you have to be to consent to mental health treatment where you liovet. In many places, people under 18 can get mental health care without their parents' permission. It's often tricker because you'd have to find a provider who is willing to see you without your parents (even if legally you CAN consent to your own treatment, doctors/therapists can still decide that they won't treat you if you're not willing to include your parents), as well as find a way to pay since you're parents will generally find out if you use their insurance, and you'd have to be able to actually make and attend the appointments without your parents involvement. 

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It's unfortunate that your parents aren't supportive. I hope they come around. In the meantime I recommend building your support network with other people you know: other family members, friends, other helpful adults you might know. I think that having a support network is extremely helpful with mental illness. Aside from general emotional support they can be a sounding board when you're trying to solve problems and they can help with practical things like transportation and the basics that @Chichikova talked about

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