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Insurance disability application

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O.K. I'm applying soon for my company's insurance benefits for disability.(My government assistance is running out) The application is hanging over my head like a guilotine, I'm so stressed out about it. The most important question on the form, (I think) is as follows:

"Please describe your present illness and how it prevents you from working. Include a description of which duties of your job you are unable to perform because of your illness and list the duties of your job you are able to perform"

Now I have been dx by my pdoc as severely depressed. This is all she wrote on my government short term disabilty form and that was fine.

Please Note* I have removed my previous text due to paranoia, my own that is, I suddenly felt like I had given out too much information and that little voice in my head said to me "What if somehow the insurance company read this and all hell broke loose?

I know it is probably one in a billion chances that would ever happen but I cant take the risk. Silly me, I know. Its part of whats wrong with me.

thanks for the help anyways.

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I think you have expressed your feelings very well, but you might wait to see what Brian thinks of it.  He knows a lot about filing for benefits and will be able to advise you.

Your job is a very stressful one and I can understand why you can't do it right now.

Do you want help with spelling?  There are a few misspellings, but maybe you're going to use a program to correct the errors before sending your final version?

Good luck with your application and I hope they understand your disability.


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I had to ensure my doctor included specific symptoms which prevented me from working.  In my case she said I was suffering from extreme sleep depravation causing disorientation and confusion and a few other specific symptoms.  That was the third form she filled out.  When she said acute anxiety and depressive reaction they declined me.  It took 3 or 4 forms from the doctor plus a call to her from the insurance company.

Insurance companies SUCK!!!

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You got the right idea. Run it through Spellcheck on Microsoft Word or a similar program.  In the second and third sentences----the word should be spelled "medicine"  (I think this is misspelled elsewhere), also should be "received" instead of "recieved" and "psychotherapy," and "hospitalized," and "regime."

The fact that you have been hospitalized for an overdose, as well as undergoing a medication regime, shows the seriousness of the problem.  Also, the fact that you have undergone psychotherapy shows that you are trying to get the problem addressed.

I would suggest leaving out the part about how you "feel" that you cannot cope with the attention and concentration of the job of bus driving.  Instead, say you cannot.  It would make the statement stronger.  Also, it is good that you mentioned the part about your inability to cope with activities of daily living. Perhaps mentioning a statement about social interaction would be a good thing (if your depression interferes with your ability to interact with the public, as being a bus driver would require this---this would also suggest the seriousness of the problem). 

Also, mention concentration and alertness on driving for long distances and paying attention to the road and exercising safety precautions.

Again, emphasize that you have these limitations, not that you feel you can't cope with these limitations on the job.

Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is not my expertise.  They often try to deny you, especially for mental disabilities.  Workers compensation claims are even worse.

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I think that new one looks good, but a couple comments:

--The overdose thing.  It's certainly your call, but I feel it adds some "oomph" and seriousness to your condition/situation.  Also, maybe you could otherwise power up that "suicidal thoughts" phrase.  Maube add an extremely?

--Misspellings.  Maybe not so much for this situation, but I feel they add to the whole "can't quite cope" thing.  When filing for SSI for my fiancee, I made sure she did her part of the paperwork, so as to give more emphasis to the idea that, well, she can't function.  I don't know how well that applies to this particular situation, but I thought I'd put it out there.  Perfection isn't always a good thing!

Anyways, good luck!

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Heya reco49,

Insurance companies are jerks.

Leave in the spelling errors.

It helps your application.

Really.  Really, it does.  Why?  Dunno.  But it does.

Your part needs to be as plain/straight/honest as possible, including how suicidal ("extremely" or whatever) you were/are and your *own* grammar and spelling.

And yes, as Bryan said say what you *can't* do rather than what you *feel* you can't do.  Just say you can't do it.

And yes, you have limitations.  Forget talking about coping.  Limitations.


If it's in your own writing/printing, so much the better.

And ask your doc to be more specific, bring in the form.  Bring in the form.

I've filled in a lot of these.


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