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Bruce Lee and SUDEP

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Read today that someone just launched a theory that Bruce Lee died from SUDEP. And they also imply that SUDEP is a form of seizure. But that it also can happen to people with no prior epileptic activity. Has anyone read some new research on this subject? I always thought that SUDEP was something that strikes a few people every year, and that some of them were epileptics, thus giving SUDEP its name. The ones without epilepsy were just out of luck and no real explanation was given for their deaths.

Here's a quote from "The Guardian" in the UK were the article was first posted.

Dr Filkins thinks the official explanation is also wrong. Drug reactions tend to involve an anaphylactic reaction in which the victim's neck swells, he told the annual meeting of the American Academy of Sciences in Seattle. Instead, he thinks Lee died of a condition called sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), which was only recognized in 1995.

The condition involves a seizure which stops the heart or lungs. It kills around 500 people a year in the UK, is most common in men aged 20-40 and can be brought on by lack of sleep and stress. "Lee was under a great deal of physical and mental distress at the time," said Dr Filkins.

Jane Hanna, director of the support charity Epilepsy Bereaved, said SUDEP was gaining recognition. "Ten years of campaigning to influence decision makers has seen a seismic shift in thinking and practice on SUDEP in the UK," she said. "[but] we remain urgently concerned that prevention strategies are not being implemented and that young people are dying as a result."

Sudden killer

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Yeah, SUDEP is serious bussiness....thats why I never play around with my meds. Someone without epilepsy could die from SUDEP if they were taking an anticonvulsant then abruptly stopped, and having a BAD seizure that would kill them. I dont know, you'll get some feed back on this.....Lisa

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