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Our bodies all have a network of cannabinoid receptors that is vital to the health of all mammals: the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a vast network of chemical compounds and receptors (namely CB1 and CB2) that regulate our most basic functions – sleep, appetite, mood, the immune system, inflammatory response, aging and memory. Endocannabinoids even produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria similar to those which come from ingesting cannabis. Low levels and activity of the ECS has been linked to Enlarged Amygdala.

Someone with an underactive cannabinoid system will not get the same rewarding aspects of food and sex.  Such people might not value these things as much, and it may manifest as a lower libido.

They will be more anxious and more likely to have food sensitivities, because the cannabinoid system is very important for emotional balance and creating tolerance to our environment, especially food that interact with our gut.

They are predisposed to an autoimmune condition, especially one involving the gut, because the cannabinoid system is very protective against autoimmune inflammation.

The cannabinoid system is very highly concentrated in the hypothalamus, basal ganglia and the hippocampus, which are part of the limbic system.

People who have an underactive cannabinoid system will get more anxietyand limbic system problems in response to inflammation.

They might have some GI disturbances because of increased anxiety and lowered cannabinoid function.

These people will not get hungry very often and more likely eat to get energy.  When they do eat, they will be more likely to burn it and not as fat.  This is from a dysfunctional cannabinoid system.

Not many people know about this system and its one of the most important in the body. Apparently Marijuana is the best way to support the Cannabinoid system.. 

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