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Dysthymic Funk

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I feel like a dysthymic funk has overcome me. I am not sure but when I goggle

the dysthymic word there seems to be a connection with the way I feel since injuring my foot. Kind of sad although I have a superficial reason for it, my being stuck with the consequences of

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Hey Boyd,

Give yourself about a week or 2 to recover from being on oxy.  After only a few days you will have withdrawl and for us loonies prone to depression it's worse.  You may feel like crap and kind of blue and irritable.

Hope your foot is healing nicely,


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Yeah, Boyd--don't beat yourself up.  I haven't taken that painkiller, but I know after surgery or an injury you can get really depressed.  You have to keep telling yourself that it's the surgery and recovery that is getting you down---and that it is a normal thing.

Good luck with the tdoc.


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Hi BOYD!  I haven't talked to you in a while.

I have dysthymia and MDD which, together, are called double depression.  One of the symptoms of dysthymia is feeling tired and unmotivated.  It's possible that, since you can't get around well with the cast and everything, you're having the symptoms without the disease.  Does that makes sense?  Ask your tdoc, though.  I don't really know anything usefull.  I just pretend. ;)


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I live on


for my back.

As minimal a dose

as I

Can stand.

The chronic pain

has had me


in the past.

I would

Destroy things


Value to me,


to be rid of

something I was

Responsible for.

I was not being

Treated for


But,I knew

That I was not


Did not stop me.

I still,acted out

in that

sort of

disinterested meaness.

Getting off the


may help.


Heal up,you

Can't kick ass,

with a bad



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