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I need help with intrusive thoughts

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As of recently I just moved back to Nebraska as some of you know and for the most part I would say I’m happy, except I’ve been struggling really hard with intrusive thoughts and I dont know what I can do anymore. I am a student aide in a special education class and often when I’m pushing a student in a wheelchair I get these intrusive thoughts that say “what if I take this corner really fast and maybe tip him/her over” or “take this corner as fast as possible” I would never do such things and I get thoughts like these constantly throughout the day and I’m going insane I can’t deal with them much longer but I don’t know how to avoid them or make them stop.

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I know all too well about those.

I'm guessing you've been under some stress lately?

The truth is we have these weird thoughts all the time...it's just when you're anxious/stressed, you tend to ruminate about them more rather than just let them pass as you would when in a good mood.  In a good mood you might just laugh at it, but if you're stressed/worried, you start wondering if you're capable of doing it.

I still struggle with them occasionally, find meds help the best tbh, but anything you can do to de-stress over the week will help.  You can't "make your thoughts stop" but you can look at them in a different light...it's your reaction to the thoughts that's feeding the anxiety.

When my brain throws me these thoughts, I usually try to one up it for laughs, like "what if you just elbowed this old lady"  "lol ya how about I also stomp her head in next lol"   It may seem weird but it works because I'm not reacting to it with anxiety.

Worse comes to worse SSRIs help with this sort of thing...

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