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Clomipramine | The "Gold Standard" when it comes to Depression and OCD?

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2 hours ago, echolocation said:

hi everyone, figured i'd just resurrect this thread instead of making a new one since there's all sorts of good info in here.

i'm going to be starting clomipramine soon. my OCD-ness is up in the air, but i have OCPD, intrusive thoughts, and a chronically low mood, so pdoc figures it's worth a shot. i was on effexor 225 mg and risperidone 0.75 mg for ages, and it worked great until risperidone made me lactate. :^( we dropped that and tried abilify for a bit under the theory that i seemed to respond well to effexor + low-dose AAP. abilify gave me pretty bad cognitive side effects (terrible memory) right off the bat and i had to discontinue because my work performance was beginning to suffer because of it. i was on 2 mg for a couple months.

effexor, currently at 262.5 mg, is going down to 150, and i'm starting clomipramine at 25 mg this week, once i manage to get my script to the pharmacy. not on an AAP at all currently.

my main question is, did any of you find clomipramine sedating at all? i don't seem to do well on activating drugs.

anyone who's tried this and hasn't chimed in on this thread already, please share your experiences! my hopes are still up, but it seems like many of you had a mediocre experience on this.

@Catwoman if you're still around, and still on clom, how have you been doing?


I didn't find it sedating.  The opposite actually. That and Luvox gave me awful insomnia. It's sedating for most though. I just get paradoxical effects from meds. 

However it WAS effective for the OCD. Went from severe to moderate. I was able to let things go, really early on too. 


Good luck! It's been life changing for some other people I know. 

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At risk of talking about my dog again, his vet told us it could cause hypothyroid (which dogs tend to).  No idea if that happens to people too, but you could always monitor for.

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jarn, never apologize for talking about your dogs! noted. i'll look into it. thank you!

@Persona_Is_Life thank you for sharing! that makes me hopeful. my obsessive stuff is not severe, but it's beginning to turn into a contamination-type thing, which i'm concerned about. i'm struggling with using the washroom at work because i'm afraid of getting someone else's piss on my hands, somehow. it's rather stressful. plus the usual sexual intrusive thoughts about people i know, which got a lot worse on abilify. hopefully it all settles down soon.

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Paroxetine: a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor showing better tolerance, but weaker antidepressant effect than clomipramine in a controlled multicenter study. Danish University Antidepressant Group. [April 1990]

Citalopram: Clinical effect profile in comparison with clomipramine. A controlled multicenter study [August 1986, Danish University Antidepressant Group | Psychopharmacology, Springer-Verlag]

It may be an old set, but the quality of the study is high, it's overall well designed, and the study's creators are "independent".

It is ridiculous that they are afraid of prescribing efficient drugs which had been the well-established Gold-Standard for millions of psychiatric patients during the 60s, 70s and 80s... and even to this day those old drugs have bigger effect sizes than "modern" antidepressants. I don't mind that they prescribe SSRIs as first line treatment, but that never-ending focus on SSRIs and ongoing SSRI-roulette is a pain in the butt. This is cause for despair.

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    • By Skeletor
      It would seem so, at least according to many studies... Gillman regularly mentions that his patients did substantially better on TCAs than on SSRIs (Sertraline might be an exception). Especially Amitriptyline, Clomipramine and Imipramine seem to be superior in effectivity. Is it wise to completely shun those very effective older antidepressants?
    • By Skeletor
      Both are quite similar, and that is no surprise, given that Notrtiptyline is Amitriptyline's major metabolite.
      When comparing both, we can ascertain the following: Amitriptyline has somewhat more SERT blocking going on, so might be slightly more "serotonergic" than Nortriptyline, although I am not quite sure if clinically relevant. Both are equally strong NRIs and 5HT2 antagonists. Amitriptyline is a stronger ALPHA1 blocker compared to Nortriptyline, so might cause more postural hypotension. Amitrptyline is a stronger antihistamine than Nortriptyline, so might cause more sedation and appetite. Amitriptyline is a stronger anticholinergic than Nortriptyline, so will probably cause more side effects. (Although stronger sedative and anticholinergic properties might be welcome, depending on the condition)
      What I am interested in: Who's been on both and how did they compare? (not only theoretically, but practically)
      binding affinities:

      picture source: https://abload.de/img/nortgpk1f.png
    • By Skeletor
      Unquestionably an extreme combination, but it seems to exhibit powerful antidepressant effects. Clomipramine on its own is regarded by many as maybe the most powerful non-MAOI antidepressant, at least in clinical practice and inpatient care, although the side effects can be quite rough, but combined with Tryptophan and Lithium it seems to be further boosted in its effect size and response rate.
      Maybe worth trying before hopping on ECT / MAOIs...
      One has to be careful because it is a small sample case "study", but nonetheless quite interesting to read. I encourage all those who have a view or experience to share it with us, regarding the aforementioned medications and especially the combination. Greetings!
    • By Skeletor
      Sertraline standalone makes many people somewhat apathetic, indifferent and unmotivated, and that's why doctor Gillman suggests augmenting it with Nortriptyline OR alternatively taking Clomipramine standalone for the full SNRI effect...
      Did anyone here try both combos? I am getting back on antidepressants and not sure how to proceed... but if I had to choose, I would preferably go for one of the two possibilities.
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