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I steal cheese, so sue me!

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I used to steal cheese too. Then I'd go to clubs and sell cheese to all the clubbers, who were mad for the cheeses. Cutting Edam on a toilet seat, happy days! Those ravers loved their camembert. And then we'd all hit the dance floor in a cheese frenzy, riding that parmesan high. They don't make cheese like that these days. Anyway, welcome fellow cheese lover.

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2 hours ago, Rabbit37 said:

Hmm, but what is carrot cake frosted with? Creeeaaammmm cheeeeese! 

Actually, it's usually white frosting, though...

Oh, we're still doing this. Umm.

Dirty snow covered in dog pee?

My guess is as good as yours. ;)

EDIT: You're right! I have been screwed for 40 some odd birthdays.



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