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My meds got stolen!


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So, like an idiot I left the bag I keep my meds in on the front seat of my car while I went to go buy a pack of cigarettes, and when I came back out...no more meds.

Did they steal my cd's? No. How about my car, because I left the keys in the ignition? (I know, bad idea, but I live in the middle of nowhere) No. 

Just the little bag with my zoloft, and a mostly empty bottle of ativan. And when you consider I only take .5mg at a time there probably wasn't even enough for a good buzz.

I hate people.

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Oddly enough, prescription drug stealing tends to happen more in small towns than big. Buggered if I know why.

I live in a small town too, and most people won't even mention any kind of pills in public for fear their house will get broken into.

Weed has also gone away in small towns, to be replaced with meth/coke/heroin.

I couldn't tell you where to get weed here...but I know of at least 10 places to buy hardcore drugs.

Small towns aren't safe anymore. :/

I agree with lmnop. Kill 'em.

Anyway, semi-rant at an end. Call the police and file a report, take report to your doctor, get new script. Hopefully insurance will cover it.

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Heya kelanor,

More thefts in small towns b/c easier to buy on the street in the city.

In TO, they couldn't find enough heroin addicts for astudy b/c they had all switched to Rx drugs.

Definitely make sure the cops know.

People are idiots.


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I reported it to the police, and my dr., and my pharmacy.  Cancelled all refills of any rx's I might have had floating around too. Then had the dr. issue new rx's.

I think it mostly is pissing me off because there wasn't anything in there that you even could get high from. If some idiot wants to take a whole crapload of zoloft to see what happens, they're welcome to it.

Some people never get past the stage of putting everything they find in their mouths.

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