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Citalopram Effects

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Hey, all, what's up?

I just have a quick inquiry about Citalopram.

Been on and off and on again over the last four years or so. It has helped me tremendously with depression and social anxiety.

While back I took a very short break. Been back on citalopram almost about a year now at 20mg, despite having wanted to go back up to 40 earlier.

Well, now we're going back up on the 40mg. I'm hoping it will help like it used to... but my concern is manic traits.

Does anybody here know if Citalopram can cause hypo or manic symptoms with a dose increase? I didn't think citalopram was one of those ADs, but I don't remember.

Thank you!



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Wellbutrin is pretty much the only antidepressant that has been studied and regarded as having a low rate of manic switch relative to other available antidepressant agents like SSRIs/SNRIs/SMSs/tricyclics. I'm not currently aware of any studies where the rate of manic switch was compared among other antidepressants, but they might be out there. However, @argh is right that of the predominantly serotonergic antidepressants tricyclics as a class are generally regarded as having the highest rate of manic switch, and of the current generation antidepressants (SSRIs/SNRIs/SMSs), venlafaxine does have a somewhat higher rate of manic switch than others, keeping in mind of course that all of these rates of manic switch were measured when no mood stabilizer was present. So many of these agents may be quite useful after a patient has been stabilized on a proper bipolar medication regimen.

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