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Bipolar girl on Elimidate!

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wow. that is so awesome. i wish i'd seen that one. every single one i've seen hooked up a slutty guy with a slutty girl who were both drunk by the end of the episode and clothing was soon to become optional.

i've always found one woman in each scenario who seemed reasonable and attractive. and by about half way through i'd be hoping she got the boot and didn't wind up with the boy slut. those guys would often seem quite 'cool' and 'attractive' at the start but after a while their true characters would shine through and they'd go for the female with the lowest morals. who knows if the women were really like that or if they just did it because that was their one stab at fame.

who knows. but i'd cringe if someone i knew went on there. but then again i'm the biggest prude in the world. i'm worse than a freaking nun.

but yay for the bipolar lady!


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