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I'm having some problem figuring out whether I'm getting side effects, mood problems from the meds I'm on or whether it's the illness itself breaking through...

I do know I'm clinically depressed right now, along with some neurotic problems, like constantly in my head ruminating etc...But I'm especially having issues with memory, focus, and some cognitive problems I've never experienced before.

I'm curious if the medications when at the wrong dosages can cause this?  I don't ever feel like myself any more which really sucks so I'm constantly checking in on my mind...

Anyways this happens approximately 5-6 hours after I wake up and take Effexor (generic) and then goes away at night and I feel more like myself...

What would you do?

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1 hour ago, argh said:

Could be a bit of both.

I had issues prior to treatment. I still have cognitive issues, especially with respect to memory, but for lack of a better description, its not exactly the same.

Can't see your sig as I'm on mobile, but arent you on a really high dose of effexor?

Isnt that one known to cause cognitive issues and general spaceyness?

Any chance of switching to another snri?

Is effexor activating? Can you take it prior to bed if the effect wears off in 5 hrs or so?

Ya I'm considering getting down off it cause the side effects from the generic are bothersome....I'm at 300mg but I don't like it, doesn't feel the same as the brand and it's not in my head.

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