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I've been on a low dose of risperidone (currently at 0.75 mg) for a little under a year now to keep racing and intrusive thoughts down. I have GAD, OCPD and some OCD traits, and the only other med I'm on is venlafaxine 225 mg, also for about a year. OCPD makes my thoughts regarding how much I can accomplish in a day go completely out of control and I end up working myself to the point of breakdown. The risperidone slows me down enough that I can consider if what I'm thinking is reasonable. It's been a blessing to me. As I mentioned, it also has reduced my intrusive thoughts enormously, as well as my ruminations.

I ran out of pills yesterday, taking a partial dose that day and nothing today. Physically, I've been vibrating all day and my anxiety has been high. I feel like I've had ten cups of coffee (or maybe an anxiety attack). I'm jumpy and twitchy, and all I can think is, "Wow, I can get a lot of work done with all this energy!" Already someone today told me I was being too ambitious, haha. My thoughts are going pretty fast and I'm building these huge lists of what I'm going to do today. But I feel like I can do it. My energy feels boundless. Part of me hopes I can maintain this, but from experience I know that these moods tend to crash hard usually in about a day's time.

I'm going to pick up my refill later today, so no worry there. What I'm wondering is, can such a low dose of risperidone affect me this strongly? And has anyone else noticed major changes on and off risperidal at a similar dosage?

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