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For ages I've been feeling great, I was running around collecting props for a food photography assignment I was doing for my photography course and really enjoying it as food photography is something I would like to pursue professionally. Then suddenly I started feeling flat and unmotivated. I'm not unhappy or upset or sad or anything like that so I doubt it's depression. Nor am I my usual happy self. I have little to no motivation, I can't concentrate, my sleep has been disturbed for over a week because I keep having horrifying visions day and night and everytime I close my eyes at night they're there with a vengeance. I've fallen so behind with my coursework that there is no way I can catch up by the end of semester and as much as I love photography I can't get motivated enough to care. Basically I'm feeling very apathetic. I don't like this feeling. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully something can be done because I am struggling.

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