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One thing I didn't know about Geodon...

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The first night I took Geodon it worked sooo well. It was like *bam* and I wasn't psychotic, anxious or depressed anymore.

Anyways, it hasn't been working that great everyday. I think I figured out why...

My doctor at the hospital when I was an inpatient told me that up to 40% of Geodon is not absorbed by the body if you take it without food. Dinner isn't necessary, a sandwich is enough.

This was new to me, some of you may already know this. But I thought I'd post it anyways.

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I didn't know that at all.  That's very useful information.  Would you mind editing your post so that the "Topic Description" below the "Topic Title" says something like "works better when taken with food" or something more eloquent along those lines?  Or I can do it.  That way people scrolling through the AP board will be more likely to open the post and read about this.  Because that is very useful info.

thank you for sharing


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