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People who think they know tech but haven't a clue suck


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Some DV (domestic violence) shelters have it down... but most... well,  they just remove all access to the internet except for staff - who of course use things like facebook and other IP logging, GPS using, sites to their heart's content.  Even to the extent of disallowing parents to continue access to homeschooling programs.  Why?  Cause computers show your location....

No - they show your IP, and someone has to know how to log into a site that shares it openly to even view it... and then, it says the city.

I get that... if the person you're hiding from is a geek that knows how to get it.  But that's not an address.

Also -- your cell phone has an IP too.  Not as specific.  But good enough if you're changing states.

So, rather than allowing internet access (needed), or getting a VPN (like smart shelters do), they just deny wifi and let people use cell phones in any way they like.

It's lazy.  It's stupid, and when someone who knows this shit comes around... they don't care to hear it... 

So you hear their bullshit and very wrong and laughable explanations on how tech works, and not only get angry... but also really worry about the person that comes here in the future that is hiding from someone who's actually tech proficient, and what may transpire because of it.

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