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Today is Self Injury Awareness Day

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if you have an orange awareness bracelet, or an orange ribbon, or indeed anything orange, remember today is the day to wear it. ;)

I've got some orange bracelets that I'll be wearing.

I don't SI any more, but have 'slipped up' a few times with all the efexor dose changes and withdrawal. I'm going to do my best to stop SI for the whole of Lent. (which, coincidentally, starts today!)

I never cut, but I have scrached and hit myself.

I want to recover from this, and am learning to regulate my emotions more....and be compassionate towards myself.

Books on SI that I recommend -

A bright red scream

Women who hurt themselves

Healing the hurt within.

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Thanks ~nestling~...I dont have a bracelet...but I have an orange sweatshirt that I am going to wear today. I have also tried to regulate my emotions more...I think Im doing alot better now. Also, thank you for the reading suggestions....Lisa

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