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Hello all,

I have OCD/Anxiety/Depression

I was on:

- lexapro: 4 years Started late 2010. 10 increased up to 60  (there was single day 3 pills cant remember 20mg or 10mg high up dose)  short time. decreases down to 5. and stop points with rejected change in meds.

luvox: 3.5 years started early 2014. 150 ended in 100 decreased down to 50 after that 1.5 weeks attack of continuous eye pains. And stop points with rejected change in meds. and last full stop.

What im feeling after approx. 7 months after stopping: 1.5 weeks atack of continuous eye pains. after the attack, right eye pulsating sharp/heating sensation (mostly for now), pains along with easily eye straining and drying, constant red spot/subconjunctival hemorrhage near tear canals reaches to cornea that persists most the day and decreases after sleep for short time..

Did any one experience this type of eye pains before?

(what do you advice me/ what should i do?)
- return to lowest possible dose and if so, in what size 13.5 or 17.0 or 5 mg or what med, and should I get digital scale?
- Waiting while taking coffee and pain killers.
- I still get light (with rarely heavy) ocd thoughts/ anxiety/ panic attacks/ depressive mood (current moment they are all  mild to me); should I cut all that crap of evaluating
with no meds and return to my original dose in sudden.
- I don't know if ill ever go to psychological doctors I think the previous docs have a part in the problem.

please excuse language and memory errors...


in detail:


I've had ocd/ depression/ social anxiety when I was 12 after multiple psychological trauma. also had these obsessions about face/body dysmorphia phobia thing three times in beginning in school period aged 12-16 and tried something like impersonating another character and connected it to my self with me changing my look to one that has the perfect look from my perspective, but i never had this again.

- In late 2010 when I was 18 after searching, I went to doc he prescribed lexapro 20 for 9 months, med eased my severe depression and I was operational again except it has increased my ocd and its related anxiety and made me aggressive. Doc didn't want to change it saying it's the safest for my age but added more drugs i was afraid taking them. and I accepted lexapro it like it's the only solution, I made a mistake and didn't follow up after the 9-month period. during that period I went to another doctor who changed for luvox I suspect it's 150 along with abilify 10/20 I stopped taking both for huge side effects the next day and doctor changed back to lexapro under my suggestion.

Duration: I took it for 4 years also with times of increasing up to 80 and decreasing down to 5 with obsessing about stopping it or up dosing it with going to more than one doctor with either failing  to convince me to change because i was afraid of my med and aggressive behavior already and wanted to stop peacefully and decide later.

- Start of 2014 I began taking luvox after trying 3 multiple alternatives paxil 30, prozac 20, luvox  with lexapro overlapping with 1 med each time and rejecting them always the next day except for luvox 100 that I had some relief with it after cutting lexapro myself and I had found it eased my anxiety and ocd.

- In start of 2016 I wanted to decrease it for excessive sweating and sedation along with some side effects which i cant remember because memory problems (i regret it to this day because i am not certain if it's the intolerable side effects or ocd) so I went down by half the dose; 50mg and i think didn't feel much except for eyes get easily strained and drying and sensitive to light.

 later that year I decided to stop it i went cold turkey i felt all withdrawal symptoms, couldn't bear it i took quarter and felt better but headaches persisted then took my half again next day and felt tolerable headaches which subsided within days and decided not to play more.

(when all started)
- After 3 months I began to get a strange severe attack of pulsating headaches on my eyes from sides and front I went to the ophthalmologist and there was little pressure. with cornea test there wasn't any disease, pain lasted for 10 days 24/7 even during sleep that also was short naps because of continuous pain. to this day I don't know what is it: cluster headache? migraines? u name it.

I went to the doctor to get advice on stopping, he just hinted I'll be better on increasing and dry eyes and strain will go i asked for explanation reluctantly he just said you'll be ok. and prescribed 150; 100 at night 50 at afternoon, I got feeling that he's right on that one, i took the 100 and felt so much dizziness that i had to stop it and continued my 50.

- After 2-3 months I went to another doctor he didn't want to stop it under my insisting to change to prozac to stop it easily myself he said take 20 for 2 weeks long overlapped with luvox 50 every other day and drop luvox. now that was the worst tip for me two days later severe blowing headache and I am back again to my 50.

I got afraid more and decided to stop it without even caring to weigh, I cut out very small pieces of each pill by looking/sensing then dividing them into parts in pill organizer with each decrease the cuts would make more doses, taken two times a day as I read the half life will decrease in small doses.

- After 5 months the  aforementioned severe attack came back with exactly the same symptoms and for two weeks I went to more than one ophthalmologist no problem, I went to neuro doctor he gave me Oxcarbazepine and Zoloft 50 haven't taken them.

what I'm in right now 24/7 since the severe pain attack ended:
- Pulsing sharp eye pain mostly on the right interchangeable with left eye, pain also reaches to my right ear and back side down right of my head in half of the times. also tinnitus and sometimes high and irregular heartbeat that have decreased with time.
- Persisting red spot/horizontal lines on the eyes in the inner mid side of my right eye near the tear canals reaching to my cornea I never had before even with dry eyes.
- All with different types of pains: throbbing pain, stabbing pain, heating pain, burning pain, ...

- "Visual snow" in light and also blurry eyes my eye sight is good in measuring machine but blurry on farsightedness test also I passed it correctly.
- I feel like its increasing especially in this moment the heating sensation pain and leading to more issues.


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Never had that happen with Luvox, although I wasn't on it too long...

I'd probably stay off it if you're 7 months off already.

I personally didn't like Luvox, made me drool heh

They put me on Effexor around that time and that covered up everything...although know I'm having struggles with that...

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On 4/26/2018 at 1:56 PM, jt07 said:

I provided peer support to someone who had OCD and who had eye pains with SSRIs. I can't remember his user name.

Have you seen an eye doctor?

so sorry guys being this late to reply I was losing hope as other sites had a signup bug. The eye pain attack has eased after like 1.6 week since it first started , I still have persistent tolerable pain in my right eye and visual snow has been increasing lately. yeah I went to like 6 doctors nothing bad is found other than dry eyes which I was already have. I still want to go to neuron-ophthalmologist.

did you remember him yet. and how is it going for him?

I think have some of these symptoms like this patient discussed here:


I believe I have acquired this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistent_aura_without_infarction

along with ocular migraine...Thanks for you reply

On 5/1/2018 at 9:50 PM, BrianOCD said:

Never had that happen with Luvox, although I wasn't on it too long...

I'd probably stay off it if you're 7 months off already.

I personally didn't like Luvox, made me drool heh

They put me on Effexor around that time and that covered up everything...although know I'm having struggles with that...

Thanks for replying man I appreciate you advice. yes I had this too but it also made my eyes dry I mean how is this possible as I read it should effect both ways.. sorry for your struggle man I hope you have managed doing well with Effexor. I'm managing my ocd with positive thinking and relaxing exercises (slow breath etc..) when I'm having obsessive thoughts. I find them shrink and my mind ridicule them as I'm going relaxed its an anxiety disorder after all. I also go with mindfulness but I keep this for hardest thoughts. I wish i had that power in beginning before meds and so..

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