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Social Media ? and friends?


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Why is that certain people ask me from time to time why I don' t post as much as I used to anymore on social media? Just last week a friend said to me "Get instagram!!".

Yeah when I was younger and when it first came out I posted more photos, and comments. Not too much though because I had anxiety and depression and low-self esteem, and I'm not really the type of person who likes to drive attention to herself.  But I haven't posted a new photo in like 4-5 years....My answer is simple "I got bored of it". I use it mainly to communicate with family and friends that live far, for reading news, or sharing something useful, something I might think is funny, or important..(in my opinion anyway)..

I no longer feel the need to constantly post photos every single day, how I feel, or check-ins, events that I might be interested in, my routine workout, where I am traveling to, etc.. Last time I remember posting a picture was 2 years ago , after I returned back from my vacation. (and that was a picture of the area not me personally)

I realize it has gotten in our lives, I just don't understand some people. I feel like my friend is nosy because she has asked me so many times why I don't post new things. (She moved away a few years ago, got married/kids, and we don't talk as much as we used to). She's the type who posts every single detail in her life, and I don't want to judge people but considering what some studies suggest is that many of those who constantly post on a daily basis have hidden issues themselves. I am not one to judge since I suffer from anxiety and depression, but I just found it annoying when she asked. I didn't want to argue because we have been friends since we were young kids, so I just let it go, even though a part of me felt like saying "You post way too much".

What do you guys think? I find it ironic that the stigma towards us who have accepted and are trying to deal with our mental illness exists, yet those who constantly posting their lives on social media, hear studies about social media and narcissistic personalities and laugh. Years ago when I confided to my friend that I was depressed and anxious she said to me mental illness, and psychiatrists are a joke, a lie. The illness is not real, it's just weakness and you need God in your life. 

I suppose the future will show because plenty of studies suggest selfies, and sharing way too much information on social media is linked with people who have those hidden issues. I just find it ironic that I once got made fun of, and I sure hope my friend (or those who laugh at those studies) have nothing like depression or anxiety because it is painful and annoying, but it wouldn't surprise me.


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