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I ended up trying to leave the store with makeup in my purse. I had money to pay for it. I didn't need it. Had no idea why I did it. LP grabbed me before I even left, held me for 2 hours, had a city cop give me a ticket to appear. I've never done this type of stuff before.
As this is just the cap on top of unusual behavior for me, I went to my GP, who sent me to a Pdoc (I had been without one for like a decade) and he thinks I'm some flavor of Bipolar. Begged family for money to pay a lawyer. I've never been in trouble before so my lawyer is trying to cut a deal to keep this misdemeanor off my record.

My court appearance is next week and I'm terrified. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

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making it more vague cause im paranoid
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10 hours ago, sbdivemaster said:

If your attorney is still negotiating a plea with the prosecutor, and the prosecutor thinks a plea deal can be made, he could ask for a continuance of your appearance.  If you must appear, it will be the time when you make your plea - not guilty, guilty, or no contest.  Then you will be given a date for a pre-trial conference (more negotiating a plea).

Here's something that has more about misdemeanor prosecutions in Michigan:


Good luck!

He entered a “plea of mute” and I have “Arraignment/Pre-Trial” a week from today.

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 My friend's daughter was in the exact same situation as you (shoplifting, no previous criminal record), and what she had to do was pay a $500 fine, attend a class for shoplifters which was an all-day class, and do 40 hours community service........No jail time, but was on probation for 3 years.

If I remember correctly, she pleaded not guilty, and she had a pretty good lawyer.

She was convicted of Petty Larceny.

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So this is me back with my old username. Yay!

I thought things were going well. Last week had pre-trial, pleaded mute on the agreement that charges would be dismissed after I complete my sentence - which I think is going to be paying a fine, not having contact with the retailer, and taking a class, maybe a period of probation> I'm scheduled for sentencing mid-June. But I got a form letter last night threatening me with an arrest warrant for not being interviewed at the probation office. Nobody told me I needed to go there for anything, I followed all the instructions on the paperwork given to me. Waiting for my lawyer to get back to me :(

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It does suck.

As does my lawyer. Got a frantic call when I was already at work asking me where I was and why I wasn't at my sentencing at the courthouse 30 miles away from my office.
Me: Um... Because my sentencing is set for June 13th?
Lawyer: But I checked with the clerk and you are on the docket...
Me: All my paperwork says the 13th.
Lawyer: But can you get out here if they can't move it?
Me: um, no. And the online docket has me on the 13th.
Lawyer: Text me pictures of all that
Me: (sends text, waits 45 mins for a reply)
Lawyer: Uh, sorry, someone told me wrong.

And then I got notice I was being laid off and my last day is June 15th. Perfect.


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Sentenced today. This is my 40-year-old-asses first offense ever for anything. keep in mind, I am getting laid off on Friday and will have no money or health insurance...

  • 9 months probation.
  • Have to have my psych send monthly progress reports.
  • Have to spend 5 days in their work program which is basically working in landscaping or trash pickup
  • $1,210 in fines and fees
  • $275 in a civil judgement to Kohls
  • Not allowed in any Kohls or any retail establishment in the City of Livonia during probation.
  • Have to get court permission to travel out of state
  • Have to be gainfully employed or looking for employment
  • Have to get monthly pee tests (whyyyy?)

Because I tried to shoplift 2 blushes and a lipstick (I didn't even get out the the store so they are in perfectly sellable condition) from a Kohls in Livonia while hypomanic.
Seems kinda severe to me.
My job end Friday. Insurance end the 28th. I'm fucked.

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