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i read in a medical magazine that evening primrose oil can be taken to assist in weight loss? has anyone heard of this? tried this? anything?


According to Aetna's Intellihealth page, there are few reliable studies to

back up ANY claims specific to eveninn primrose oil.  I've linked and ref'd them because they do mention it as a source of gamma-linolenic acid. That is what I've usually seen it sold for. One indications would therefor be for diabetic neuropathy (If it's non-toxic and could help with that, I'm for it). Of the "They us it in

Europe!" claims, only the use against eczema has much evidence for it.

UC Berkeley's Wellness Guide recommends against it.

Personally, I don't know of a GLA->weight loss connection. If you were going to

be on a very calorie-restrictive or fats/oils-restrictive diet (post-gastric surgery

diets come to mind) I would skip UC-B's discountings and would consider adding

a GLA supplement - evening primrose oil, borage oil, add flaxseed oil and let the

body convert the ALA to GLA... whatever's cheapest.

i.e., on a weight-loss diet most of the "you get all you need from your food"

claims are clearly bogus.  Looking at what the real American diet is -

TacoBurgerZaHell I'm not so sure the nutritionists have the same concept of

"food" as their clients.  YMWV

A second personal observation: most weight-loss and body-building and miracle

supplements are sold through "health food" stores. It might be different in your

area, but most of the regular customers at these places are some damned

unhealthy-looking people.  Makes me wonder how healthy the food really is.

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I used primrose oil

by the handfuls

to help with PMS for years, never touched my weight either way.

It was the only herb to ever help with PMS though and after I had already been using it I encountered a gyn who tells their peri/post menopausal patients to take it daily women.

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