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Do alot of forums frustrate you?

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There are many things which can make scanning through large amounts of visual information overhwelming. 

If you only read 4 forums, could you set the main index page to only display the sub-categories in which those forums are housed?  The hundred or so forums here are grouped under 6 headings. 

  • Generic forum crap
  • Stuff that makes you feel like crap
  • Meds and other Crap that make life tolerable
  • Your crappy life
  • Your personal crap
  • Other Crap

If you're using the default skin, each of these headings should be printed in white on a blue bar.  At the far right side of that blue bar, you sould see a little pinky-red box with a negative sign (-) in it.  Click that (-) box for every heading you never read under.  (If you only post under Depression and ADD, for example, you could click the (-) for generic forum crap, meds and other crap, and your crappy life.)  Clicking the (-) will minimize all those sub-forums, so all you'll see of that entire section is the blue bar with the header on it.  If you ever want to look at those forums, but click the (+) box that will replace the (-) box, and you can browse them again. 

Would this help minimize the feeling you have when scrolling through forums?  You can probably hide a lot of them that way. 

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