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Muscle / joint pain / decreased appetite from Pristiq?

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I just started on Pristiq on the 27th of June.  I've been experiencing pretty bad muscle and joint pain and I'm on the 50mg extended release version.  I also have a noticeably decreased appetite, but that could also be due to stopping Zyprexa on June 25th.  I do seem to get a little sick as the day goes by, so I'm wondering if that is the Pristiq releasing as the day goes on. 

I didn't take the Pristiq this morning just to see if I feel better physically.  But just sitting here typing my whole body hurts, especially my hands.  I've never really had this feeling before.  Ibuprofen does help a little bit.  But it kinda sucks waking up with this whole body joint and pain thing. 

I don't want to give up on this so quickly as it would leave me with only one other AD to try based on my DNA test. 

Anyone else experienced this?  Did it go away after you got used to the medication?  Thanks for any replies... 

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