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sibling rivalry


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I know lots of people have sibling rivalries, but my sister really takes the cake (and eats it, and then spits the frosting out and smears it on your face).  Don't get me wrong, I'm 26 now, she doesn't still smear it on my face, but she was really terrifying to me when I was younger.  I'm 4 years younger than her, and she used to beat the living crap out of me on a weekly basis.  Pretty much every time my parents left, it was Ultimate Fighting time.  I never started fights with her, she always started them, and especially if she was in a bad mood, i.e. feeling insecure about something, she would give me hell.  Really mean-spirited stuff.  And she would scream and moan and cry when my parents punished her, I mean it was like she never thought that she was in the wrong.

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Ahhhh siblings ;) And sisters...woo boy was I glad not to have any of those myself. I was friends with a pair of sisters in my neighborhood who were only a couple years apart in age. Those two could rip each other apart in that extra special sisterly way, made me grateful for my brother even though he did drive me batty at times lol How is your relationship with her now?


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How is your relationship with her now?


    We're actually getting along OK now, she is getting married, and I offered to walk her down the aisle, because our father is ill, but she still cuts me down and is super competetive in inappropriate ways, but it's better.

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Heya Sal,



My sister and I were rivals for something-or-other-we-forget-what.

She *still* is at times.  Like you say your sister can be.

Then we both moved to different cities and got lives.

And now we're friends.


No, like, really, really weird.


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