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Anyone know a guy who likes to write?

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Guest Mellow Yellow

I am trying to find men who really like to write letters and would like to write to a lonely female inmate. One is my friend, and she keeps asking me to find a man on the outside who will write to her friends. 

These are my friends and I do not get any money for doing this! I have a photo of each of them I can email you. There are no computers or email in prison, though.

Email me at heart_focus@yahoo.com if you want an address. They are:


- Cheri, very pretty, age around 30-40 (I'm not sure). She was a San Francisco bailbondswoman. Her case is currently under federal appeal. (Don't ask me what she did because I don't know). Would like to write to an older man, 40-60.

- Mari, 50ish, pretty, in for 8 years for embezzling from a gov't agency. Very intelligent, humorous, sharp. Writes great letters!

- Suzy, 50ish, very pretty with hair down past her waist. In for life and is innocent and would like a nice guy who would want to do some detective work to help exonerate her.

None of these women are fat because they don't fatten them up in prison. Most of them grow their hair very long because haircuts are not really available.


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Why is the attractiveness or fatness of these women important?

They are stuck in prison. Its not like the guys are going to be able to take them out to the Olive Garden or anything.

If they are just looking for penpals, why are they requesting guys specifically write to them?

And why in the world would you try to hook up someone with a pen pal if you don't know why she is in jail???

And if the one girl is innocent, she should be writing to places like The Innocence Project...not some random guy off a mental health website. ( http://www.law.washington.edu/ipnw/resources.shtml )

Is this for real???

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