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hard to stop cleaning

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i don't really clean that much on a day to day basis, mostly because i don't like disturbing things that have been in a certain place for a couple days. it feels like they "belong" there, and moving them would be wrong, for some reason.

but when i do start cleaning, everything looks so messy. i have to reorganize everything and find new homes for all of my objects. i have to make everything equal spaced and often organize by size or shape, or place objects in ways so they make clean shapes or angles between them. if things are loose, i find or make boxes for them (origami boxes are lovely for tacks, paperclips, hair ties, small rocks...). i quickly become distracted with small things. if i start cleaning the shower, i inevitably start scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush. it feels like if you're going to clean one thing, you should make everything perfect.

i know cleaning binges are a thing non-MI people do too. but does anyone with ocd/ocd traits relate?

hope you're all well.

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