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Far away and freaking out!

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So I am back on this board more often because I am in Guatemala and I do not have access to my regular therapists and support groups here. I am largely going up and down. I will feel so happy to be here and with few OCD symptoms to feeling so weak and doubtful.

I don

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Unfortunately the nature of OCD revolves around three things:

- doubt, normally self doubt

- threat or perceived threat

- fighting against the obsession or intrusive thought

Typically, when we get the clinical obsessions or intrusive thoughts, our natural reaction is to try and fight them. eg, no I will not act upon that thought, no I will not let that thought dominate my mind etc.

My psychologist, who is a very clever man, taught be a good technique for dealing with the thoughts.

- identify the thought as a separate strain from your normal thinking patterns

- try to ignore the thought and move on.  The more you fight it, the worse it gets.

Now this is often easier said than done.  Meds can help a lot too.  I personally get voices which are borderline schizophrenia (and I have OCD) - i take seroquel for these and it really helps me a lot, in addition to paxil.

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