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My kids are driving me crazier!

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I'm currrently in a mixed episode with anger & irritation.  I have little patience

with anyone or anything.  Waiting for meds to kick in & trying not to run away!

My kids are trying to talk with me and I feel so guilty because what I really want

is to be left alone.  Any ideas on how to occupy a 13, 11 and 4 yr old besides

DVDs?  It's hard for the older ones to keep the youngers interest very long due

to him having ADHD.  Dh tries to help but he's depressed & under a lot of stress


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You have my complete sympathy. Boy, howdy, have I ever been there and it's not fun. Getting to add guilt to irritability just sucks.

So. 11 & 13. Do you trust them to be left alone in the house for an hour or 2? If so, what I sometimes did was to take the little one to the park play area. I'd sit and read a book, and he would run and play and get himself thoroughly worn out. Little kids need to be physical; it cuts down on the whininess a lot.

Are the older ones compatible? Could you, say, drop them off at an arcade for a couple of hours? I don't know how safe it is to do that in your area, but it's a thought.

I know we all want to be good parents, and maybe there are some people who can do that on a full time basis, but I'm not one. I am a better mother for having to work full time. To have been a stay-at-home mom would have made me, well, crazy(ier).

I take it the older ones are in school until 2 pm or so. Is there an after school program that they could go to a couple of days a week, even temporarily until you and hubby and more able to deal? It seems to me that the best thing you could do for yourself and your children is to do what's necessary to get yourself stable and in a better frame of mind. If you have to farm them out here and there for awhile, then so be it. I wish I could say that you should do this without feeling guilty, but I can't. Even when I understand that getting some time apart is best for us all, I still had that whole bad mom dialog running in my head.

I hope you're feeling better soon.


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Thank you for replying Greeny.  I did manage to steal some time away & I'm

feeling a bit better.  I'm planning a fun weekend for the family, hopefully I'll

be feeling up to it. 

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I'm always afraid my kids will notice that I'm acting "crazy"...besides I can't stand their whining etc (or any noise, even music) at times.

So my way to deal is to do something active. Like a long hike or a bike ride or a run around or whatever...makes them tired and relaxes me a bit if I'm jittery.

I also lend them my Ipod to listen to my oldies from the 60's and 70's...they consider it a treat and it makes they house oh-so-quiet.

I agree with the after school care...sometimes that's what lets me to cope, cause I only have them a couple hours really (from 6 to 9pm till they go to bed)

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First, my experienced sympathy. My kids are 18, 6 & 4, and I recently went through a mixed (actually, the youngest were 5 & 3 at that time). It was pure hell, in regards to the kids. I did use a lot of dvd's. I knew that it wasn't a long term deal, that eventually the meds would kick in, so that helped to relieve some of the guilt. Walking did help too. Load 'em up in the stroller/wagon, and I would just walk, aimlessly. It felt good. I would also take the to the grocery store (when I felt I could handle *that* ordeal), and let them pick out "goodies", like those godawful Kid's Cuisine frozen dinners. Again, short term and it kept them a tiny bit happier.

That said, tho, that's about all I had to offer. I screamed a lot, and yeah, husband was out of town and oldest in college.... shit. I'm still not sure how I survived. Feel free to PM me if you want to vent. I really do understand.

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Yeah, noise really gets to me in this state.  It's magnified & distorted.

I do sometimes drop the older ones off at the boys & girls club, but the kids there

aren't the most behaved, if ya know what I mean.  I am poor so after school care

is out of the question.  I try to take nature walks when I'm feeling like this, it's

just the constant mood changes I'm going through make it hard to organize much

of anything- I'll get all ready to go out and then -BOOM- I think you all know what

I mean. 

The kid cuisine comment made me laugh.  I actually gave in the other day and

bought a few for the little one.  Could they package MORE fat with LESS actual

nutrition?!  And that penguin...he's creepy.

Thanks for replying fellow moms! 

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