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Is it possible to go to an urgent care clinic instead of the ER for self-harm wounds? Or will they just have me sent to an ER?

Urgent care clinic is much cheaper with my insurance. It's also generally a calmer place than the ER. In general I don't hesitate to go to urgent care over the ER for wound care or whatever, but I wonder if they'll freak at the psych aspect. I'm not suicidal. Any wounds would very obviously be self harm due to location and old scars in the surrounding area.

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Hey @Geek
Sorry you didn't have a timely response to your post. Hopefully it's totally irrelevant at this time.

I've done both: ER and Urgent Care. Urgent care was a better experience for me. I told them straight up that I had a therapist and I didn't want to be dead and could they please just put some stitches in so I could stop bleeding everywhere.

I can't say that it would be the same everywhere, but I'd like to imagine it would be similar.

Something to consider is that if you have self harm injuries that are more involved than skin (ie you can see any tissues underneath), urgent care may defer to ER because of the need for more than one layer of suturing. Also, if it's a burn of any sort that covers more than an area roughly the size of the palm of your hand, they'll probably defer to ER for pain and infection management.

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