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    • By MisterMelancholy
      I figured since there isn't a thread for Oppositional Defiant Disorder on this forum, I'd thought I'd try to make a general thread here.
      I was diagnosed with the disorder when I was in my tween years(I don't remember what age specifically) and my symptoms are still a problem.
      I love drama and trolling I often go out of my way to start drama or prank someone, such as the time I took pictures of my mother when she was sleeping and naked and posted them on social media. These strong urges to start these types of scenarios are big problem which still persists.
      What are your experiences with having ODD?
    • By MisterMelancholy
      So I joined this forum to talk about my various mental health issues and try to find a solution or two with people who can relate. I been diagnosed with autism, clinical depression, and oppositional defiant disorder at various points in my life and I'm currently 16 years old at the time of this writing. I hope to have a great time with you guys.
    • By KnickNak
      I was wondering if any of you females get this, but.. after I masturbate.. I get very crampy by my ovaries.. almost feels like period cramps and it's sore to touch. The orgasm isn't mind blowing intense, it's pretty basic, I mean any orgasm is better than no orgasm. I am not putting anything in me, sorry to be graphic. But is this normal? 
    • By dreamcatcher14
      Just thought people could use this thread to post links, articles, youtube clips and other information about mindfulness in one place. This can include meditation, relaxation tips, sense awareness, breath awareness, body awareness, etc

      To kick off with some YouTube clips with my notes:

      Deepak Chopra: Meditation & Stress Reduction
      A good introduction to meditation by Deepak Chopra. How to keep still in a world of hysteria. Goes through stages of meditation, eg) sensation awareness, breath awareness.

      Chris Sharma: Letting Go // Inside Game Episode 1
      Mindful movement: I'm not a rock climber but I enjoyed this interview. Getting the balance right between keeping an end goal in sight without getting attached to it. Playing with the goal and not taking it too seriously while also giving it meaning. Falling 50 times at the same place on the journey and not giving in.

      Ocean Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra
      Short guided relaxation into nature. Tropical environment. Good place to start if you want to start exploring guided meditations.

      Ps: This can be moved to alternative healing if it's better suited, thanks
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