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3 hours ago, lefer said:

I know I posted the little globe, but when I mean the globe I mean the people. Save the people from emotional suffering. 

I think I knew what you meant.  Just trying to throw in some humor I remembered from a George Carlin show.  

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On 30/08/2018 at 2:35 AM, lefer said:

Has anyone had the idea to save the world? 

mental health professionals would call that a grandiose thought lol I had that thought solidly placed in my mind in my early twenties and I had intricate plans of how I was to end human suffering,. it was a great time, until I ended up in the mental hospital. I continued to help people in hospital but the mental health professionals killed my passion and drive. I became fat, full of self-pity and my high self-confidence was replaced with low self-esteem. I wasn't a beautiful angel anymore. I became a fat ugly loser. I'm only now starting my journey of self-creation. I have gained new talents to replace my delusions. I don't think one person can eliminate such a big thing like all of human suffering. all we can do is our best. that might be helping a number of people realise something great about themselves or something... that can be enough.

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