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Benzo Mess

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Here's my current situation.

I'm currently on Xanax (IR) 0.5mg TID  (AM, 4pm, bedtime).  I'd like/prefer to switch to something that's longer lasting.

I don't know if my (new) psychiatrist will even let me switch to something else.  (being as it will be my first ever appt w/ this pdoc)

I can't take Klonopin as I had a bad reaction to it.  (paradoxical reaction), and I became tolerant to Valium over time. (I was up to 10mg TID at one point)

I did take Ativan in the past but forgot why I switched over to Xanax.

I've read online though, that you can take Ativan twice a day.  I just don't know how far you would separate the two doses.  (I don't expect you guys to be able to answer that, just saying).

If you guys have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


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Ativan is intended for 4 times a day dosing. If you are going to take it all the time and want all day coverage, twice a day dosing could result in some withdrawal symptoms between doses. If you are taking Ativan as needed twice a day dosing is OK, I think. That is what I did when I took Ativan PRN.

Ativan and Xanax are both short acting benzos so you may find their length of action similar. Klonopin and Valium are the standard long acting benzos. Tranxene is a long acting benzo with a 2 day half life. It is used for anxiety and partial seizures. Twice a day dosing.

If it were me I would not ask to change a benzo the first time I saw a pdoc.

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Well, I saw my pdoc (forgot when) and she said she is comfortable with me being on Xanax, since it's working for me.

I know they make Xanax XR but 2 things:

1.  I don't know if insurance will cover it
2.  They don't make a 1.5mg tablet (since I take 1.5mg a day; divided 0.5mg TID)

(I would have to take 2 separate tablets  (1mg + 0.5mg)

Is it worth asking pdoc about?

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Maybe...its not as effective as ir for me but it's less drowsy so I can take it in the am even if I have stuff to do. You could just try 1 mg first. That's what I did...one my Xr + another .5 ir if you need it PRN. I actually did a little more than that but I'd start slow 

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