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Who Wrote the Book on Dating with MI?

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Because I need to read it!!! ?

Think I posted about this but here's a new version. Talk to text so excuse the grammar.

I'm dating this guy who's 18 years pyounger than me yikes who seems to be so sweet. We have crazy Marathon sex which you know it's fun but I want more. 

But do I want more? I'm not sure the injured part of me pushes people away and keeps them at a distance and I fluctuate back and forth between being needy and being reclusive.

Basically I want someone to come in and love me for who I am MI and all

And someone who just gets me and someone who I really really enjoy being with and look forward to seeing I do not feel that way about this guy he is so sweet though and he keeps me from being lonely I almost feel as though I'm using him which is really not nice to do. I've tried to break it off with him at least four times now and it never works

he always has such valid Arguments for keeping seeing each other. Such as it's fun to spend time with each other age isn't really a thing the sex is good and we keep each other company

I'm just not feeling it but I am so scared to be alone I feel so awful

Plus at my age it's really Slim Pickens where I live as far as guy my same age are concerned

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