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Armchair psychiatrists


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I don't know why I go to this one DBSA group. One of the facilitators upsets me sometimes.

He works in the mental health field, but I think he has even less training than I do and I am a peer mentor and don't treat people.  He is supposed to be part of the group, but instead he talks like a tdoc.

I have been friendly with him, helped him on his job search, asked for support

He has told me he thinks I have borderline PD on the basis of self-deprecating thoughts (I was pretty depressed). He has talked about his clients in group, no identifying info but still it is inappropriate.  I am sure there is more, but I can't think of them. Anyways, sometimes i leave worse than I came.

I used to have a delusion that colors symbolized whether things were okay or not and I would avoid things if there was a certain color.  I have heard other people have this with numbers.

He said it is because I don't want to make decisions. Like it was a choice.

It was hard when all the messages and voices stopped and i had to make decisions, because they would guide me, but it was not a choice.


I once told a tdoc some of my secrets about delusions. I thought people were flirting with me, people I know, have met, through different types of media. I said they kept me company and entertained me. She said I made them up because i was lonely.

Is there any merit to what they say? It sounds like they think I chose to take an easy way out, when it messed up my life.

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I wouldn't pay any attention to what these people say. Believe your pdoc because he is the one who diagnosed you. There are some, certainly not all, tdocs who think their way is the only way and they like to second-guess diagnoses because it doesn't fit into their treatment paradigm. My advice is to avoid such people or at least don't give any weight to what they say.

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confused, my skin crawled at your description of that DBSA facilitator.  he does sound very inappropriate, gossipping, dxing, acting like he has answers for you(!).  he's violating a lot of group rules.  is there a way to lodge a complaint?  i would guess that you are not the only one who feels uncomfortable or harmed by his behaviors there.  


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