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Mixed episode won't die

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I've been in a pretty bad mixed episode for almost two months.  The good news is the worst is over, but its like a summer cold that won't clear all the way up.  I like my meds, geodon, lamictal, kolonopin, beta blocker.  I cant take my go to med any more (seroquel) because of akathisia.  Anyone had the experience?  What worked for you.  Thanks, new member, I get a good vibe about this place.

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I’d give a vote for zyprexa to knock out your mixed state. You don’t have to be on it forever but you can take it until things are stable for a good while and then taper off of it. Many members here do this technique with zyprexa and mixed/full blown manic episodes. Zyprexa should do the trick to bring you back out of the mixed hell that you are living in. It’s a good med for short term use of the knockout of manic/mixed episodes. It’s gotten me out of messes before. It works pretty quickly IME and puts an end to the manic or mixed symptoms. 

I will warn you I did at one point take it long term for many years and I did gain a lot of weight. And because of that I only take it short term now and many people here only take it short term to knock out the episode and then they stop the med with their dr’s help after they are stable again for a while. I haven’t taken zyprexa like that for a long time, however. My last two pdocs have pushed and pushed me to try clozapine and now I’m finally trying it. 

ANYWAY, I personally prefer the zyprexa zydis as IME it caused less weight gain and less extreme hunger side effect. It also tends to hit you faster IME. Like it will knock you out faster for sleep. If you can tolerate the melts in your mouth but not in your hands kind of pill, then I’d suggest zyprexa zydis. But ymmv of course. 

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Thanks so much for the Zprexa pnn tip.  i was on it when about when it first came out for almost two years and was less than happy about the results, almost 80lbs.  But for short term use, it sounds great.  Actually, my pdoc brought it up and I was not happy with his suggestion.  I guess that's why I see a professional, maybe I should listen more often.  Thank you all so much.


ETA: I just feel like if I could get six hours of sleep a night, I could finish this thing off.  Zyprexa is super a sedation.  thanks so much.  I'll call on Monday.

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