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Hi, im not a forum person and also from Sweden so if theres already a thread about this or info somewhere point me in the right direction :)

anyway, i was diagnosed with cyclothymia alittle more than 2 years ago and been on lamictal since. 
worked wonders since im able to have friends now and on the verge of joining the workforce again 

anyway, seems lamictal doesnt work for me anymore :/ been having bad headaches and feeling shitty overall for over a month, stopped taking them for 5 days and headache/feeling shitty went away, started taking it again today (at lower dose) and got headache and feeling shitty again... and ive never had issues with headaches at all in my life before and im actually having a pretty healthy lifestyle these days so i see no other connection than it being the lamictals fault

so it seems i have to switch meds. im seeing my psychiatrist again in two weeks and of course i will make decision in discussion with him but I wanna go there prepared so...

anyone have suggestions/experience what med(s) to take instead of lamictal? ive been googling alot and reading on crazymeds so im somewhat aware what meds are out there but its hard for me to tell which ones would be similar to lamictal

tried virtually all SSRI's, SNRI's and Bupripone (together with lamictal) and they all make me crazy and/or feel awful, also been on aripiprazole and wasnt pleasant either.

sorry if rambling/broken english.



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I'm still new to Lamictal (just barely started taking it in August), but I did some research on similar medications in case it failed. The one that seemed to be the most similar was Trileptal (oxcarbazepine).

Honestly, I wouldn't mess around with Lamictal dosage until you see your doctor. It's too risky; try and be patient. If it's bad enough, go to the ER or schedule an earlier appointment. I stopped when I was on 50mg (before I started back up), and that was very unpleasant. I assume you were at a higher dose.  Here in the United States, the recommended dose of Lamictal is 200mg/day.

Seems like it's all about getting the right combination. It's a tough journey, I know.

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